They won’t tell you about this, the LASIK sellers:  You will probably need glasses again!

Why is this?

If you’re reading this post, then you probably already had the surgery, and your vision did get worse again.  You go back to the laser shop and they’ll sell you a “touch up” and reassure you that this is all perfectly normal.

Well, they’re lying to you.  It’s not normal.   

I get e-mails asking about post-LASIK eye problems, especially needing glasses again, literally all the time:


You’re not alone.  Not at all.

But let’s talk about this LASIK and glasses-again business.  Why is your vision getting worse again, after surgery?  And more importantly, what an you do about it?  Let’s explore:

LASIK doesn’t address the cause of your myopia.

The first problem with LASIK is that it doesn’t address the root cause of your myopia (nearsightedness).  Remember how you got higher and higher glasses prescriptions, year after year, before LASIK?  Well … LASIK is no different than glasses, except this correction is cut right into your eye, rather than placed in front of it by an external lens. 

You can easily figure out how this happens for yourself, by taking a few minutes to learn about the basics of vision biology and how myopia happens (<– yes, this link).

Myopia isn’t what you might think it is.

Did you go read the eyeball basics?

If you did, then things are dawning on you right now.  Yes, LASIK is likely to cause progressive myopia, just like your glasses did.  Except unlike with glasses, there’s really no easy way to stop the hyperopic defocus stimulus (well there is, but you might not like it if I tell you – in a bit).  Your eyeballs are growing longer, and your myopia is going back up.  Not cool, but fact.  Sadly.

In disbelief right now?  If you’re the brainy sort, you might deep dive into ophthalmology science and pretty serious research studies on the subject (<– not retail LASIK sales, any of this).

But hey.  It gets worse.  Especially if you ask, why wasn’t I told about any of this?!  Because, I’ll tell you why:

LASIK is actually mired in some pretty scandalous practices.

First and probably most hair raising, is this story about the FDA, and their chief scientist and doctor.


But a quick Google search could tell you all that.  The incidence rate with LASIK is high enough to where the Web is basically flooded with victim stories.  Wait, did you not research the procedure before getting it?

Oops.  Darwin would proud of you, though.

That’s not really fair.  They’re really good sales people, the LASIK guys.  We might as well give them credit, where credit is due.  You get the full enchilada with the fancy titles and Dr. this, Dr. that, the high end laser hardware, the authority and fancy office and everything.

But yea.  You did get suckered.  LASIK doesn’t fix sh*t, and is just basically forever-can’t-change-them-glasses.  

We actually have an entire category of this site dedicated just to LASIK.  That’s right, it’s such a problem that it warranted it’s own category.  Browse through it, it’ll make you feel better (not really).  It will offer some clues though, let you know that you’re not the only one, and that all those sales guys (or doctors, whichever you want to call them) are just that.  Sales guys.  BMW leases and fancy tans.

So what can you do now, besides cry over spilled milk?

Here’s how you avoid needing glasses, after LASIK. 

First, it’s time to face the music.  

If you didn’t read the very first link, explaining myopia, then you need to go back there and do that.  The reason you got sold that sh*t surgery in the first place is because you were ignorant about the facts, and they were able to pull that sheeple wool over your sheeple eyes.  Before lasering the crap out of them.

Don’t make that mistake again.  Time to read and learn.

Second, it’s time to address your bad (vision) habits.  You’re going to have to start looking at our how-to guides to address your myopia.  You’re going to want to browse the LASIK posts.  You’re going to want to look at diopters and glasses and how it all works.

Learn some stuff.  Fool you once … , you know how the saying goes.  

Third, grab the e-mail course below this post.  One a day instructions.  Here again, you either learn or you stay a sucker, though this time one with rapidly deteriorating eyesight.  Believe me, you’re going to miss being able to see if you keep trusting the mainstream establishment, and their greedy maws.

It’s just tough love, kitteh.  Not warm and fuzzy like the LASIK doctors, here.

Once you know what’s up and won’t ask questions answered in the basic materials, join our Facebook group.  We have lots and lots and even also lots of members who reduced their myopia, even post-LASIK.  Real people, no bleached teeth, fake smile eye doctors, no sales pitches.  Time for some truth.

There, lot’s to start with.  You could even watch some of our YouTube videos about LASIK, though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it:


So, if you got lasik and now need glasses again, this is your answer.  Read, learn, address the real cause of your myopia.

You’ll never get back to completely healthy eyeball axial length, if you had high myopia corrected by LASIK.  That ship has sailed.  But you can stop recurring myopia, you can stop needing glasses, you can stop the vicious cycle of insane LASIK surgeons cutting your eyes over and over again.  

Thank me later.  First, go get your eyes back, from this brink of disaster.