You saw the title and clicked.  You’re expecting a rant from uncle Jakey.

But no.

This is going to go all differently.  A bit of a public service announcement, this post.  Be aware that questioning your doctor’s diagnosis is neither polite nor appropriate.  Even if it sounds like a sales pitch to your admittedly untrained, non-medically educated little clueless ears, don’t start asking a bunch of questions.  You came to the professional for professional advice, you got the advice.  

Also, this post in the Facebook group:

Living with genetic handicaps.

Look at that post.  What do you see?

Feelings.  Janet may feel certain ways.  But ask yourself this:  Is Janet an actual doctor?  No, apparently she isn’t.  So yes, her eyes are broken, the genes are sub-par, and the medical professionals are doing their best to help her out.  Why do people resist what’s best for them, and then complain?

I know.  Right?  You don’t get it either.  It makes no sense.  Hundreds of millions of people have myopia, there is no big conspiracy.  Get glasses.  Move on.  

And perhaps you’re now thinking Jake, you cheeky bastard.  You’re being sarcastic.

Yes.  But I’m also saying, they’re not actually doing it on purpose.  You go to a car dealership, you’ll be sold a car.  You go to a lens sales shop, you’ll be sold lenses.  Sales is the métier (leave it to the French to make even the word ‘job’ sound snooty), and these guys work hard on being good at their job.

But not maliciously.  

Peace and love, kittehs.

Important this, despite a Jake previously sometimes being a little pitchfork-ey in other posts.

Be nice to the professionals.  Or if they’re just too annoyingly dense and hurting your head with their explanations lacking both common sense and scientific insight, then just walk away.  Remember, sales people.  You’re the customer.  Vote with thine wallets, dears.

Ok?  We all good?  Calm and collected and at peace?

Also, one more thing:

Hm.  Peace and …  nevermind.

Coward.  That’s a little discomforting.

Deep breaths.  He’s the doctor, you’re a clueless malcontent who just wasted his time.  You had it coming.  

Do as Janet did.  Walk away.  Find options that make more sense for happy eyeballs.  Muse with fellow endmyopia members over on the Facebook group, play nice with what is accepted dogma, count your blessings, and enjoy your improving eyesight.