Caveat Emptor: LASIK – Amrit Just Got His Eyes Butchered (Forever)

So, kitteh.  Thinking about LASIK? I know you're not.  You read this blog after all, so you know better.  But let's just take[...]

Jake Steiner

Oct 30,2016 · 2 min read

So, kitteh.  Thinking about LASIK?

I know you’re not.  You read this blog after all, so you know better.  But let’s just take a moment to put the bits into perspective.

You go for a regular eye checkup.

The guy is a doctor, he’s got a medical office/practice, he’s all professional and there are lots of machines and things that he’s using to do your eye exam.  You feel like you’re in good hand.  He’s confidence inspiring.  He moves efficiently, he’s in control, he writes things down, he nods and peers and and prods and adjust dials.

And then, he says to you:   “You know, little buddy, you could get LASIK, and have perfect vision in an hour.”

Little buddy.

That’s Jakey’s standard way of addressing people who benefit from some affable condescension.  It’s how I imagine those guys addressing us, in their minds.  

So you sit in the doctor’s chair, thinking.  An hour procedure, bam, no more glasses.  Vision fixed, forever.  Painless, risk-free, almost affordable.  There seems to be no downside at all.  No-brainer.  You think hey, I’ve always wanted perfect 20/20.

Unrelated, check out this e-mail I just got:


TL;DR:  Eyes, screwed.

Everything was good for two month.  But now …. (yikes-town).  I get quite a few of these e-mails.

Imagine being Amrit, for a second.  You trusted the doctor, and now your eyes are screwed.  Permanently, irretrievably.  There’s zero accountability on part of the doctor, and even if they were, not going to bring your heathy eyes back either way.

Kittehs.  If the thing sounds too damn good to be true, then what should you do?

Anything you really want, is never easy.  And whoever tells you otherwise, isn’t going to be somebody you’ll remember fondly.  If it doesn’t look hard, somebody is offering you a shortcut to something you really want, just turn around and walk away.  Greed isn’t the voice you want listen to.  

Jake-words to live by.


– you-know-who


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