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How the day (today) starts: I wake up to more than the usual pile of LASIK related e-mails. Actually that's not true.  I[...]

Jake Steiner

Dec 14,2016 · 2 min read

How the day (today) starts:

I wake up to more than the usual pile of LASIK related e-mails.

Actually that’s not true.  I wake up for the 14th time at 5AM which is sunrise, a bunch of roosters begging to be murdered, and my little boy who has a fever and has been puking all night, wanting to get up and see the world.

And the e-mails.

Multiple of these, today.

Usually I ignore whatever causes spikes in particular inquiries.

It’s always because Google ranks us for some keywords for a new blog post, or somebody with a lot of Facebook friends reposting something, or any number of other bits bringing a bunch of new people to @endmyopia.  Not too much else out there on this front that’s real and relevant, so not much of a surprise.

Today I was curious though.  

I went to look whether the last LASIK post was the root of all the e-mails.  Here’s using DuckDuckGo to get Google results without the bias you get if you use your regular browser history bits, the answer is obvious:

That’s why (I didn’t pick video, DuckDuck did that on its own).

It’s easy to get jaded or just used to it.

Truth is though, we do carry quite a lot of weight online, when it comes to ranking for myopia related things (which in other words, no weight at all because myopia, who cares).  I don’t do search engine optimizing, don’t care to, but either way when we talk about myopia topics, you can find us.  Or people will talk about us either way, with the social medias and whatnots.

And yes it’s still truly tiny by all accounts because for the most part, people will be people (sheeple will be sheeple), and nobody cares about any of this or their eyes (till it’s a bit late, anyway).

But for those who do care, @endmyopia shows up.  Which is good news, or bad news.  All depends on how much you believe in conspiracy theories and popular anti-mainstream advocates being found smushed after driving their cars off a cliff. 

Kidding.  We’re still way not popular enough for any of that.  And Jakey doesn’t own a car.




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