Hello darlings!

After a bit of a travel hiatus and focus on building the secret Le Meow community with many upcoming extended how-to guides and videos, it’s finally time to get through some 20/20 gains updates again.  

Yes, the gains have been piling up as usual.

Today we’ll have post LASIK gains, and optometrist confirmed gains, and child myopia gains, and high myopia gains, and even optometrist commentary.  

First let’s look at Louise’s improvements post LASIK, which is a question that comes up a lot.

Many, many people get LASIK and since the procedure does nothing to stop progressive myopia, they invariably end up with more myopia.  Without getting into the whole long back story of how cutting a lens into your eye is a whole lot worse than using a temporary focal plane change, it’s definitely annoying when you find out that LASIK really just was another temporary fix.

So if you’re lucky like Louise, and especially persistent like Louise, you can at least fix your eyes properly after LASIK.

Louise: Post LASIK, -1.50 To 20/20

No need for surgical procedures here.

Also making the list today, yet another optometrist confirmed 20/20 gains report.

I like this one in particular since Kyle found an optometrist with some basic sense, who at least doesn’t try to dissuade his customers from making the 20/20 gains.

Kyle: Optometrist Confirmed Myopia Reduction

You try, you gains!

And while we’re talking optometrists, check out this comment from our Youtube channel:

One sane optometrist in Singapore.

That’s pretty weird, since Singapore in my experience might be the most completely backwards place on planet earth, when it comes to mainstream optometry acknowledging their failings.

But lest us not be petty, at least today.

Instead check out Rachel, making some solid gains.

Rachel: -7.75 Reduced To -6.50

Don’t LASIK.

Getting LASIK over -10 diopters of myopia means a whole lot of axial elongation that’s basically a ticking time bomb.  Wouldn’t want to be those guys.

Carly, also making good progress.

Carly: -4.50 Down To -3.00 (Optometrist Confirmed)

Lurkey lurk.

There’s simply no way around it.  You give your eyes the right stimulus, you get the desired focal plane change results.

Let’s look at some child myopia success.

10 Year Old Discovers Active Focus

Kids like to copy.

I don’t even let parents in BackTo20/20 for their kids, unless at least one parent will do the adult program first.  Everything, everything guru-esque happens for a reason.

And last one for today, Sean.

Sean: -5.50 Down To -2.25

Major gains.

That’s a whole world of difference, between -5.50 and -2.25.  

The former is basically being blind without glasses, the latter you can comfortably read a book, or a menu, most close-up without glasses.  Huge difference.

There we have it, a little bit of everything.

Imagine living in a world where fast food companies have a complete monopoly on all diet and food advice.  Imagine governments create regulation where if you want to eat, you have to go to a fast food restaurant.  Imagine universities teaching future professors and food related professionals that fast food is the only answer.  And imagine it being illegal to buy food anywhere else besides in a fast food restaurant.

And of course imagine the world being completely obese and everyone telling us that we’re just genetically fat.

That’s mainstream optometry in our actual current realty, somehow.  No imagine, but actual reality.  How is this possible, completely un-ironically?  And Jake, instead of just being another rich banker idiot, in this weird reality of myopia-is-genetic, is actually your sagely wise guru … by simply stating what should be obvious and quoting vision biology books and peer-reviewed, published clinical science.

I honestly literally shake my head sometimes, feeling like at any moment I’ll wake up from this weird dream where I was somehow the one guy who figured out myopia and all the experts had no idea.  Writing a weird and much read blog about optometry and people going, no Jake, that’s not possible at all.

In case I don’t wake up from the weird dream any time soon, please do keep making (and sharing) those 20/20 gains!