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Questions & Answers.  You have questions.  And Jake has answers, especially if they haven’t been covered in one of the other sections of the blog / free guides.  

Many of the topics here originate from your e-mails, or from Quora, or threads in our Facebook group, or even YouTube comments on occasion.  Natural myopia control is a wide ranging and complex subject, and this might be the section to find answers to some of your questions.  Browse and discover!

This One Simple Trick To Reverse Astigmatism (?)

Ahhh, darlings. When you're all old and grizzled and yet a magnanimously magnificently bearded guru of ancient mystical origins, you get to hear a lot of stories.  A lot of similar, repeating stories.  Stories for example, of astigmatism and how mysteriously astigmatism disappears once you stop listening to the optic shop's ideas of "treatment". But let's be honest.  This sort of magical recovery talk all borders on sacrilege and conspiratorily crinkling of tinfoil hats. It honestly pains me to have [...]

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Enrayer La Myopie – The 7 Day Free Guide, Available In French

A big shoutout to Pauline from Douce frugalité for translating the whole entire free 7 day newbie eyeballs guide to French.  Yay! So if you are French or otherwise enjoy things written in French, stop over here to get the whole 7 day guide straight from Pauline's site, all properly in your tongue of choice (as long as your tongue of choice be French, yo).   She also has a YouTube channel and fancy Instagrams and lots of vegan ideas.   Accompanying [...]

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SOOOO Much Endmyopia (& Member) Content!

Just finished looking over everything we’ve got going on. We’re at almost 4.000.000 (four million!) watch minutes on our meow-rific Youtube channel. Wow. And the private community forum is adding dozens of new conversations every day. Even this blog is hitting almost 4.000 users every single day now (hundreds of thousands of page views per month). Of course there’s the darling FB group, with over 10.000 members already. And best of all, we’re even starting to get videos from the [...]

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Secret Forum: More, Awesome, Free Myopia Guides & Much More

Many readers of this darling bloglet have been asking plaintively for an alternative to our darling Facebook group for literally years, and for literally years a darling Jake has ignored your pleas.   Deaf ears, darlings.   Never-ending influx of new members. But really though I'm with you.  Not a fan of social media, an old guru is.   Them siphoning all your private data and manipulating what you see and read and consume.  Getting you addicted to their feed. [...]

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Help! My Child LOVES Glasses – Doesn’t Want Better Eyes

Darlings.  Kittehs. Welcome back to your favorite bloglet on all of the Internets. Today, let's look at a problem that's not all that uncommon:  Parents trying to help their kids improve their vision, and the kids not cooperating.  There are about 4 billion ways that those little bundles of personality will refuse to work with you, altogether making child myopia a topic that an eye guru would rather just pretend he knows nothing about. Way less potential troubles than trying [...]

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Endmyopia Exposed In One Star Review: Just A Brain Trick

I'd be remiss not to share with you all of the various less than stellar opinions about the bearded sage, out there in Internet land. Because just the glowing positive, that's suspicious.  I'd be suspicious.  Where's the dirt?  Where did Jakey bury the hookers?  What his connection to JFK and why don't we ever hear more about all those late night excursions the man makes whenst visiting Bangkok? There were no ladyboys involved.  You stop it, with the salacious rumors. [...]

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