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Explore All The 20/20 Gains.   Browse detailed student reports, hundreds of them, going back years and years in the history of @endmyopia participants.  These reports are taken directly from the BackTo20/20 support forum, from e-mails to us, and from our Facebook group.

In many cases you may be able to find the student, be it in the support forum or our Facebook group.  A lot of the reports include ideas, strategies, personal challenges, and other insights that may help you on your own vision improvement journey.  Enjoy!

Louise: Child Myopia Reversed (+ Optometrist FASCINATED & more)

A guru walketh among us, darlings. There was a time you could have been born when the earth was still flat, much like myopia is some kind of mysterious disease in current day optometry reality.  Right now you're living in a time where the old eye guru's teachings are still considered heresy.   What do you mean, they say.  It's bad eyeball genetics. Treating symptoms as a for-profit enterprise?  Great idea, Watson!  Nothing could possibly go wrong making money selling [...]

Optometrist Confirmed: Imtiaz Almost Back To 20/20

Today back to the ever popular topic, endmyopia vs. optometry mainstream.   No matter how anti-social the beardly eyeguru may be, the over 90.000 monthly readers of the bloglet continue coming back for more.  The site is growing, the Facebook group is growing, even the beaten stepchild that is our YouTube channel gets a few new subscribers here and there.   And with the increasing awareness about the myopia-illness-myth, comes increasingly more recognition by even the retail mainstream. To highlight, [...]

Joy: No More Glasses!

Well hey there!  Welcome back.  Welcome back to catching you up with some of the latest supposedly 'impossible' myopia reversal reports. First, here's the goal of this post: Keep things rant free, with minimal sarcasm relating to the self-proclaimed 'medical' establishment and their richly imagined tapestry of stories of a mysterious genetic myopia illness.  And their entirely incidental gosh-golly how'd that happen hundred billion dollar profit 'treatment' enterprise. Jake, you're thinking.  You're already doing it again. Apologies.  Here's Joy: Darn, [...]

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Eva: Huge Life Change, No More Glasses

The title gives away all of Eva's 20/20 gains. I often tell people that one diopter of improvement in 90 days is very possible.  Granted from there progress settles into a somewhat more modest pace but still, you can easily get all the way back to 20/20 with the right habits and tools. A one diopter difference is *all* the difference though, when we're talking about two diopters, vs. one diopter. Gratuitously, reposting Eva's report here again: Sharing is spreading [...]

Kasper: Reversed My Low Myopia

There's a category for whining and crying in a cantankerous old eye guru's e-mail inbox, in particular about low myopia. Oh Jake, I'm not making gains.  Oh Jake, this isn't working.  Oh Jake, plzz. Number one problem of course, that I made a category for this sort of crybaby attitude for my e-mail admin to file e-mails in.  So even if I just skim-and-delete through that folder, it's still enough to make the imaginary guru beard bristle at the helpless [...]

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