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Explore All The 20/20 Gains.   Browse detailed student reports, hundreds of them, going back years and years in the history of @endmyopia participants.  These reports are taken directly from the BackTo20/20 support forum, from e-mails to us, and from our Facebook group.

In many cases you may be able to find the student, be it in the support forum or our Facebook group.  A lot of the reports include ideas, strategies, personal challenges, and other insights that may help you on your own vision improvement journey.  Enjoy!

Holy Sh*t, SO MANY 20/20 GAINS

It's been a while, daaaaahlings. Time to get some of these progress reports off the inbox.  Heads up, as always there are a zillion of them.  Tip of the iceberg, scratching the surface of glorious beards, and acts of defiance against your rulers and institutionalized profiteers. Let's dive in. Mitja: -5.50 Down To -4.50 About the average for a year's progress.  Cool part is that you can easily keep repeating this, year after year, till you're no longer a hostage [...]

Louise: Optometrists, GTFO 😡

Let's kick off this latest round of improvement reports with some fun drama from the Facebook group. For a bit of background, for whatever reason the last couple of days has been stirring from sleeper cell optometrists in the group.  Suddenly a flurry of activity there, recommending everything from atropine drops for myopia control (literally, poison) to ortho-k (literally, thousands of dollars for not addressing causality at all).   And while your favorite darling eye guru attempts to be patient [...]

Reducing Diopters, This Whole Thing, Is FOR WEIRDOS

Darling fellow endmyopia kittehz. Welcome back to another post, and another round of all the 20/20 gains.  Of which as you probably know by now, there are many.   But let's start this one out with something that bugs your favorite holy sage eyeguru, and I don't know what to do about it. Every so often I get an e-mail like this one: *sigh* Now, that's a well-intentioned message. The problem with it is, that you may well figure that [...]

Joonas: From -2.00 D To 20/15 Without Glasses

No rants today, darlings. No rants, and no rambles.  Just a quick update that I couldn't possibly pass on posting right now for you.  Low myopia back to 20/20 is a tricky one.  Though if you follow the correct approach, you will absolutely get there.   In fact, many participants experience a very similar progression. Here's Joonas progress, in his own words: This is how it's done. A big thanks to Joonas for paying it forward, sharing his improvement report [...]

From 20/50 To 20/20, Angry Optometrist, & More

Dearest darling kittehz. It's time for the weekly progress reports update, which is turning more into a sometimes-eventually progress reports udate. I need to hire somebody to post these.  There's really no way otherwise that they're getting done on a regular enough basis.  We get so, SO many progress reports (I love them all, please do keep them coming) and I'm inundated by an endless list of pesky other tasks to do for endmyopia. Hey Jake, why haven't you uploaded [...]

Janna: Double Vision Resolved, -2.25 D To 20/25 (No Glasses)

The 'weekly' progress report compendium is still waiting on my desktop, growing daily in contributions. Really not a moment of extra time these days, working on off-grid essentials before the monsoon season kicks in full force.  There's basically going to be no building things outside for the next five or six months.  So whatever we may want to get done, it's crunch time right now. Anyway.  Even with all that, had to come in to share this 20/20 progress update [...]