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Explore All The 20/20 Gains.   Browse detailed student reports, hundreds of them, going back years and years in the history of @endmyopia participants.  These reports are taken directly from the BackTo20/20 support forum, from e-mails to us, and from our Facebook group.

In many cases you may be able to find the student, be it in the support forum or our Facebook group.  A lot of the reports include ideas, strategies, personal challenges, and other insights that may help you on your own vision improvement journey.  Enjoy!

Will: -4.00 D Down To -2.25 D

Progress updates, darlings! Before we go there though, let's take a moment and appreciate all the deeply authentic photography of the guru available here on endmyopia.   Biding time while waiting to get back to places with faster Internet, to get back to some how-to videos for you.  If you're getting bored and hoping for updates, I have also been taking the time to answer some of the thread in the Facebook group and Le Meow.   Here's Will's update: [...]

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Brice: -7.25 Down To -4.50 (Plus Reduced Child Myopia)

Today let's take a quick look at a great e-mail from Brice, who managed to reduce diopter dependence for himself, and his entire family. While I only manage to post a small amount of the total improvements being made by endmyopia followers, ones like this are pretty instructional.  All it takes is one family member to take the lead.  Learn about the biology basics, learn about diopter dependence, learn about the realities of myopia, as well as reversing myopia.  Then [...]

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Vivian: Optometrist Confirmed Myopia & Astigmatism Reduction

We're overdue for some 20/20 gains updates! First up, Vivian making progress.  This is one of those updates that doesn't fall into the category of unexpectedly massive gains, but rather the nice predictable variety.  And while your favorite guru doesn't care what the optometrist says, many readers like the additional reassurance: Conservative, most likely. You're likely to self-measure more improvement than the optometrist will confirm.  We talk about this occasionally in the blog, with things coming down to measuring environment [...]

Katarina: -8.00 Reduced To -6.50 (In 5 Months)

Initial gains! Important to note as you read this, that initial gains are usually 1) reducing over-correction from the optometrist and 2) reducing ciliary muscle spasm.  It's not the magic part of getting all the way back to 20/20, but it's a great start. Here's Katarina: Beginner gains. It's great for motivation! Of course you can get beginner gains from doing all kinds of things.  There are a million ways to reduce ciliary muscle spasm, and it doesn't take a [...]

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Justin: From -4.50 D Down To -2.25 D (Since May!)

Time for a quick improvement update post. We've been doing mostly updates from our enormously popular, biggest ever, incredibly meow-rific Facebook group.  Probably Facebook updates because an old guru is filled with personal insecurities and highly susceptible to external criticism, and I used to really cringe whenever somebody would claim that I'd make up the e-mailed improvement reports. Yea I know, those trolls were years ago.  But there's a point in there somewhere.  The Internet is full of treachery and [...]

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Sander: From -5.00 To Martial Arts Without Glasses

Your favorite old beardly sage quite likes to read your improvement updates. I sometimes say there's no way I can post them all, but that's not me complaining.  Getting them is great, they're the best part of my mornings while making it through e-mail and messages.  Even if I don't manage to find the time to save each of them to post in the blog, do know that you're adding to my motivation by sending me updates! Here's a great [...]