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Explore All The 20/20 Gains.   Browse detailed student reports, hundreds of them, going back years and years in the history of @endmyopia participants.  These reports are taken directly from the BackTo20/20 support forum, from e-mails to us, and from our Facebook group.

In many cases you may be able to find the student, be it in the support forum or our Facebook group.  A lot of the reports include ideas, strategies, personal challenges, and other insights that may help you on your own vision improvement journey.  Enjoy!

Conny: -3.25 Down To -1.75 D

Ok, so ... Your most favorite and ever wise and sagely barefooted guru has been wanting to post some of the more recent videos for you, here in the bloglet.   It's something I keep looking forward to.  But then every day (every. single. day!) we keep being interrupted by all these pesky gainz reports. Like Conny: Interruptions. And I have to post them here for you. Since it's just the sort of thing that most of the industry claiming [...]

Ehsen: From -2.50 Reduced To -1.25 D

Think about milestones, when making all your 20/20 gains. -2.50 means having to have two pairs of glasses (differential & normalized), and definitely needing glasses for distance. -1.25, no more need for close-up glasses, and often no need even for distance glasses (at least during nice daylight outdoor walks). It's just a bit over one diopter of difference in numbers, but a huge difference in terms of everyday vision. DIY. Takeaway - milestones, rather than just looking at the final [...]

Shipley: -3.75 Down To -1.75 (and HUGE astigmatism reduction)

Let's have another gains update today. GAINNNNNNNZ. This one in particular, since it includes a huge drop in cylinder, which really makes it easier to reduce your lens dependence.  It's one thing to take off glasses and just have a closer blur horizon, but a whole different to take off the glasses and get a bunch of directional blur (double vision, ghosting). Here we go, Shipley's update: Way to go. Note of course, as always:  Don't monkey with diopters, unless [...]

Jenny: Had LASIK, Needed Glasses Again (but now…)

Here's a wee little LASIK story and also great natural 20/20 gains report for ya'lls. It covers several important points (that an old guru gets asked about in e-mails four hundred seventy billion times a week).  Mainly yes, LASIK is not a solution, it's precisely the same bandaid as a minus lens, just this time it's permanently cut into your eyes. And also mainly yes, a lot of the sort of "doctors" who advocate LASIK, are in fact morons. (a [...]

Annette: -5.25 D Reduced To -1.75 Diopters

Dahhhhlings. It's been a very video-centric past couple of weeks.  Not only for the freeloader YouTubes, but also the most excellent BackTo20/20 paid member side of things has seen quite a few updates.  In the slow turning cycle that is dealing with all the things that make up endmyopia, a bit of this was quite well due. And what always seems to get neglected, is the gains updates. Obviously the best and most important part of endmyopia, being able to [...]

Diana: Starting Gains Optometrist Confirmed

One of the awesome purported ideas about the endmyopia method is how quickly you can start to see tangible results. An old and dubious guru always like to say, a good way to live life might be skeptical, and also open minded.  Don't believe everything you see or read, especially with this whole Internet-caused erosion of trust in general.  Realize that there's a lot of snake oil and conspiracy theory and wishful thinking and unicorn farming out there - and [...]