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Video.  More and more endmyopia content is available with video.  We have an entire YouTube channel filled with various levels of cringe while Jake attempts to explain core concepts, goes on epic rants, and digresses via extensive rambles.

If video is your thing, our YouTube channel is definitely your thing.

Not that pro topic how-to guide videos are no longer available publicly on the channel.  This is since Jake likes dialog and community and two way streets of contribution, so for the advanced topics you’ll have to be a member of the free endmyopia Le Meow forum.  There the how-to forum contains dozens more videos discussing advanced actionable strategies to get all your 20/20 gains.

Video: Leah Improving From -8.00 To -5.75 Diopters

Well hello there. Today a video improvement update. This one is from Leah, who beyond graciously devoted some time to do a video update and post it on the murky swamps known as the YouTubes.   Love video reviews!  Here it is: Pretty awesome. These make my day. For this endmyopia project I spend so much time staring at screens and text and e-mails and social media posts and questions from all over.  It's all so two dimensional and [...]

How I Kicked My Screen Addiction

Spoiler alert:  I didn't.  (kick it) But that's not the actual point here.  There's something more interesting than trying to beat what is probably the oncoming tidal wave of humanity's evolution.  And that more interesting is, finding inspiration to do things other than stare at screens. This all is about t0 fall squarely into the realm of fruity hippy talk, clearly. But imagine, what if we did go outside?  What if we found ways to amuse ourselves that involved creating [...]

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Active Focus – Beginner Tips

Adding another one to the active focus link list, more words to help newbies find active focus. Active focus is really the only part of the whole approach that has that intangible aspect that I can't reliably explain the application of. Finding it is super easy for some, and a challenging journey for others. Since I don't want you to get hung up on not being able to find active focus, I keep adding new perspective to hopefully help you [...]

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Improve Your Eyesight: The 4 Steps Starter Video

Ok, darlings. Finally, only took about three years, I made you a bit of a summary video of all the endmyopia pieces involved in improving your eyesight.  As usually it includes more talking than a well scripted version would likely produce, but that's just how we roll around here. The video is now also added to the 7 day e-mail series and the 'start here' link - so that hopefully more newbies will be able to get a useful introduction [...]

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Can I Get BIG Vision Improvements Instead of Small Ones?

Everybody is chasing the big gains. We want the big money fast, we want the big gains fast, we want everything, and we want it NOW. Also the case for 20/20 gains, especially when your favorite darling guru posts updates from participants that include massive diopter reductions.  Yes, it's a bit my fault for stoking the fire of 20/20 gains greed.  And while the initial gains are fantastic for motivation and really getting into getting your eyes back, there's more [...]

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LASIK, Need Glasses Again – Can I Still Fix My Eyesight?

So you had LASIK.   You had the LASIKs and a couple years have passed, and you're noticing that things aren't as clear as they used to bee.  Oops. This is a very common problem.  It happens because LASIK does nothing to address the root cause of your myopia, and is in fact just another lens changing the refractive state of your eyes.  The minus lens created stimulus that leads to progressive myopia just continues, so if your myopia wasn't [...]

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