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Video.  More and more endmyopia content is available with video.  We have an entire YouTube channel filled with various levels of cringe while Jake attempts to explain core concepts, goes on epic rants, and digresses via extensive rambles.

If video is your thing, our YouTube channel is definitely your thing.

Not that pro topic how-to guide videos are no longer available publicly on the channel.  This is since Jake likes dialog and community and two way streets of contribution, so for the advanced topics you’ll have to be a member of the free endmyopia Le Meow forum.  There the how-to forum contains dozens more videos discussing advanced actionable strategies to get all your 20/20 gains.

Low Myopia, Close-Up Glasses: A Plus Lens Use Case?

Today, a quick video on low-myopia differential glasses (plus lens) scenario. Note that while this covers the general, common scenario, we're talking about biology here.  Biology which varies from one person to the next, and there are countless exceptions, tweaks, and considerations.  Watch this as a starting point, and one piece of the puzzle (rather than an absolute answer for everything). A bit of a pro topic. Some of these videos are only available from the Pro Topics playlist. [...]

Ocular Dominance: Das Schweinen Hunden Ist Wrong Again?

Ocular dominance. Aka. the thing that you can spend about four seconds to look up in Google and realize is a real thing.  Also the thing that retail optometry has apparently never, ever heard of. Ocular dominance, in briefest explanatory form, means you having one eye that's "stronger" than the other.  You see farther, sharper, focus faster with your dominant eye.  Ocular dominance, you have it. Everybody does. So that begs the question, why did your first glasses then have [...]

Teh Astigmatizms: Retail Optometry Bets That You’re Retarded

And if they're right, then you'll give them money.  What an awesome business! Yes, astigmatism is (largely) a thing created by retail optometry.  If you're not new here and already understand basic vision biology, then this may come as no surprise.  Getting "your eyes checked" is the most basic sales ploy of all sales ploys.  You could literally have 20/15 vision without glasses, and you'll STILL be sold something: The f*ckwittery of retail optometry truly knows no bounds. It's almost [...]

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Sean’s Take – Endmyopia & Improving Eyesight (Video)

Video, kittehs.  Moar video! I've been asking our fellow myopia dissidents to try out video for talking about their 20/20 gains.  Not easy getting those, understandably.  Unless you're a teenager hoping to hit the Youtube gold, or an extrovert narcissist, sitting in a room by yourself while talking at a lens isn't the most natural thing.  Just look at the first 50 of your favorite Jakey's videos, pretty obviously not quite comfortable with that whole process. And yet.  Dahhhlings. People [...]

Ophthalmologist Claims 3 Year Old Has 4 Diopters Of Astigmatism

Meow, kittehs. Today, a bit of a rant.  Or rather, sweeping up the pieces of a rant that exploded all over various darling screens yesterday. All of it because of some completely insane optometry meddling with child eyes. Here's the e-mail that kicked it all off: Dark clouds on the horizon, I see. All the things wrong with this, it's hard to know where to even begin. This is what I had posted in our Facebook group yesterday: 3 Year [...]

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Presbyopia: What It Is And How To Reverse It

Video format post, kittehs! Today we've got ouseffs a quick one on presbyopia.  Yes, an old guru has gotten all the questions about presbyopia half a trillion times, and half a trillion times has said that this is end-myopia, not end-presbyopia. But alas, reason doesn't get you far on the Internets, and finally a beard relenteth. Presbyopia: The face of resignation. Takeaway? Yes you might be getting old and yes your lenses are hardening.  Whether that's enough of an excuse [...]

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