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Video.  More and more endmyopia content is available with video.  We have an entire YouTube channel filled with various levels of cringe while Jake attempts to explain core concepts, goes on epic rants, and digresses via extensive rambles.

If video is your thing, our YouTube channel is definitely your thing.

Not that pro topic how-to guide videos are no longer available publicly on the channel.  This is since Jake likes dialog and community and two way streets of contribution, so for the advanced topics you’ll have to be a member of the free endmyopia Le Meow forum.  There the how-to forum contains dozens more videos discussing advanced actionable strategies to get all your 20/20 gains.

Troubleshooting: Help With Making 20/20 Gains

It's perfectly normal to get off track sometimes, while working on re-tuning your darling eyeballs. I have a whole troubleshooting playlist to help, on our Tubes. It's by no means exhaustive, but often a good starting point to find what may be slowing you down. Always start at the beginning when getting into things like this, take your time, learn the basics, save a lot of time in the long run. This one, mainly if you think you're doing everything [...]

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Audrey: -2.75 To No Glasses | Shortsighted Podcast

Note: Also available as an episode in the Shortsighted Podcast 🎙.  To listen to it in your favorite podcast player, see our podcast page  for all available directories.   Meow, darlings. A quick heads up in case you haven't seen some of the podcast style improvement chats with fellow participants. A while back we talked to Audrey, who gains-ed her way from -2.75 daily wearing of nerd goggles, to being largely free of the pesky plastic lens subscription.  Praise be to [...]