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Video.  More and more endmyopia content is available with video.  We have an entire YouTube channel filled with various levels of cringe while Jake attempts to explain core concepts, goes on epic rants, and digresses via extensive rambles.

If video is your thing, our YouTube channel is definitely your thing.

Not that pro topic how-to guide videos are no longer available publicly on the channel.  This is since Jake likes dialog and community and two way streets of contribution, so for the advanced topics you’ll have to be a member of the free endmyopia Le Meow forum.  There the how-to forum contains dozens more videos discussing advanced actionable strategies to get all your 20/20 gains.

Video: Should I Reduce My Diopters?

Arch bishop Papa Giorgio VonderCrankypants just uploaded a new video for you, discussing a very commonly posed endmyopia question. Which is, hey Jake.  Should I reduce my diopters? This question is one of those curiously self-answering ones, once you stop and think about what diopters are about, and why you'd possibly want to reduce them. Or in other words, this is rarely the actual question to ponder. More on this in the video: Jovial, that's the word you're looking [...]

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Bates Method Didn’t Work .. Now What?

Another quick video today, from your most favorite darling eye guru. Do you ever wonder why we even bother posting videos about nonsense like Bates Method, attracting all teh trollz and mouth breathers of the Interwebs? Well.  The videos are bait. Here's why bait videos seem necessary:  I get a ton of e-mail from people who tried eye exercises and Bates Method, in the hopes of improving their eyesight.  Of course it never works out, so some give up, some [...]

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THEY SAY I NEED GLASSES?! (what to do next)

So you just went to the optometrist for the first time. And what?!  They told you that you need glasses.   And you hopped online.  And fired up the old Googles.  And searched for wtf that all is about.  And stumbled upon this holy grail of all teh sagely wisdoms.   Good on you. Now as punishment, you'll have to watch in video format what all that talk of you about to be some four eyed nerdface, is really about: [...]

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Do I Need A Test Lens Kit? (for vision improvement)

Here's a quick video lesson on whether you need a test lens kit. Note that this is based on many years of experience, which isn't easy to whittle down into a couple minutes of video. (Especially when you deal with the sort of majestical guru who doesn't script or plan his videos.) And as usual, don't go monkeying around with stuff unless you know what you're doing.  I get comments on videos from people who can't grasp basic math or [...]

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Lower Diopters Don’t Improve Eyesight

So here is a vaguely common and recurring problem.  With some newbies to endmyopia. They read, browse, see all kinds of talk about reduced diopters.  So they think, hey that's great.  Less diopters equals improving eyesight.  Got it.  Going to reduce my diopters. Because everything in modern life has to be a quick answer-shortcut. Only takes a couple hours of reading to fully understand vision biology and myopia causes and also plzz-give-me-da-steps-bro. Or of course it could be a Jake's [...]

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(Video) Alex: From -3.00 Down To -1.00 Diopter

Well hello there, darling kitteh! As usual, all the 20/20 progress reports are piling up in the jungle dweller's inbox, and the to-be-posted topics for the blog are exceeding an old beard's contentious abilities to keep up with all the things. Wah, Jake.  Life's so tough, ain't it. This one though I have to get to you though, a video progress update from one of our awesome group members.   Here's Alex: That's pretty great. You might be just [...]