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We Don’t Do Bates Method.  Why?  Because our darling eye guru is tired of hearing from people telling him how it doesn’t work.  Yes, Bates was a pioneer, way ahead of his time, and if the path had continued, we likely would not have a myopia epidemic today.  We hold William Bates in the highest esteem.

But we don’t believe that “Bates Method”, today, is doing the man any justice.  This “method” you find online today, has little impact on multi-diopter, lens-induced myopia.  It won’t do a thing to induce axial reduction in your eyeball.  And it goes against many key things vision science has come to understand over the past century.  Still want to read more?  Here are some articles with Bates references.

Peripheral Vision Trick To Improve Eyesight

Darlings. Ole Jakey's been told that we're neglecting the blog.   Which may be true.  Also though I've been spending time posting more videos on our Tubes and keeping up with some conversations in our forum.  No excuse. So here's a bit of a nudge for one of the recent video-style rants, discussing peripheral vision and any potential for sudden and dramatic vision improvement. A bit of back story, some dude decided that taking endmyopia and Bates Method and creating [...]

Bates Method Didn’t Work .. Now What?

Another quick video today, from your most favorite darling eye guru. Do you ever wonder why we even bother posting videos about nonsense like Bates Method, attracting all teh trollz and mouth breathers of the Interwebs? Well.  The videos are bait. Here's why bait videos seem necessary:  I get a ton of e-mail from people who tried eye exercises and Bates Method, in the hopes of improving their eyesight.  Of course it never works out, so some give up, some [...]

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