Another quick video today, from your most favorite darling eye guru.

Do you ever wonder why we even bother posting videos about nonsense like Bates Method, attracting all teh trollz and mouth breathers of the Interwebs?

Well.  The videos are bait.

Here’s why bait videos seem necessary:  I get a ton of e-mail from people who tried eye exercises and Bates Method, in the hopes of improving their eyesight.  Of course it never works out, so some give up, some go looking for other answers.  That makes Bates Method a bit of a search keyword, and even though old beards don’t want to care about such things, sometimes concessions must be made.  So if we make Bates videos, there are at least slightly better odds that some darlings will find better answers than 19th century eye exercises.

Some of these videos I post get many tens of thousands views (here’s my eye exercise video, for example)

Another one I did on Bates Method here is at 40.000 views so far.  And if we don’t do these, then all of Youtube is just a giant steaming pile of eye exercise advice that’s equal parts useless and distracting from actual solutions.

So all that said … here it is, the latest dangling of truth on Bates Method – and what to do after finding it to be useless:

Highly credible thumbnails, too.

It’s mainstream optometry on one end, and Bates Method on the other.

That’s mostly what myopia management approaches consist of.  The only way to change this is for all of us to add our voice and help sway the direction of the Internet towards some science and reason.

Comment on things, when you see the need!

And go make some 20/20 gains.