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Child Myopia.  This is one that gets Jake upset on a regular basis.  Children (in most cases) don’t need glasses!  What they need is educated parents who understand eye strain, ciliary muscle spasm, the impact of lots of close-up reading time, of staring at smart phones and computer screens.

An ounce of prevention, as they say.  Read carefully through this section for lots of tips about preventing and reversing child myopia, find parents who had success banishing their child’s myopia, get hope an motivation to keep your own children’s eyes healthy!

Kashyap: 9 Year Old Daughter From 27 cm to 139 cm

Right to the point, today. Jakey's got kids (just one for now but more hopefully coming soon).  It's one thing to be myopic yourself, letting yourself go.   Your kids, though.  They deserve for us to give them the best possible head start. A head start that often doesn't benefit from retail optometry.   Here's Kashyap: Up to you. Myopia isn't a "condition".  It's only a refractive state your eyes adapted.  Too much close-up and minus lens focal plane stimulus. [...]

Guixiao: 8 Year Old Son’s Myopia REVERSED

Today, just a quick one.  No epic rants, no momentous digressions. This one is for you if you have kids.  If you have kids and you'd rather not have them become socially awkward, withdrawn, afraid of sports and physical activities because they're now stuck with glasses.   Myopia is a refractive state, nothing more.  And the eye is designed to change refractive states based on environmental input.  Don't buy into the "genetic illness" propaganda talk. Her's Guixiao's first hand report: [...]

Let’s Get Real: Myopia Is A Money Making, Big Fat Corporate LIE

In this post we'll discover how a 9 year old boy beat myopia.  First though you'll have to make it through a beardly rant-sermon, because nothing in this world is free. Darlings. Dearest of darling kittehs.  It may seem like your favorite and also only eye guru has been a little endmyopia-absent minded with the blog and endmyopia contributions, lately.  Not much ranting, not a lot of the locked-and-loaded posts, not entirely many digressions. Or maybe you're thinking, yea Jake [...]

Louise: Child Myopia Reversed (+ Optometrist FASCINATED & more)

A guru walketh among us, darlings. There was a time you could have been born when the earth was still flat, much like myopia is some kind of mysterious disease in current day optometry reality.  Right now you're living in a time where the old eye guru's teachings are still considered heresy.   What do you mean, they say.  It's bad eyeball genetics. Treating symptoms as a for-profit enterprise?  Great idea, Watson!  Nothing could possibly go wrong making money selling [...]

Amanda’s Daughter: 20/63 Improved To 20/40 (In One Month!)

Child myopia?  It's not a thing! There's literally no good reason to let your children become profit centers for mainstream optometry.   Literally none, unless you don't feel like doing the annoying you-know-what thing - actual parenting. And as a darling eye guru is discovering having a 2 year old now, actual parenting indeed is a giant pain. Having a large extended family and lots of frequent visitors, some days it feels that all I do is swat away phone [...]

Sudden Onset Child Myopia: From 20/20 To -6 Diopters (in a day?!)

Sudden onset so-called child myopia.  One day your child sees just fine, the next day - hugely short sighted.  High myopia diagnosed.  No explanation, no treatment besides glasses.  This happens, and I wish every parent in this situation would find this post before saying yes to glasses. At the risk of sounding like an elderly matron turned Internet unicorn hippie: Odds that your child suddenly becomes highly myopic in some irreversible manner, pretty slim.  Odds that there's a huge bit [...]