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Child Myopia.  This is one that gets Jake upset on a regular basis.  Children (in most cases) don’t need glasses!  What they need is educated parents who understand eye strain, ciliary muscle spasm, the impact of lots of close-up reading time, of staring at smart phones and computer screens.

An ounce of prevention, as they say.  Read carefully through this section for lots of tips about preventing and reversing child myopia, find parents who had success banishing their child’s myopia, get hope an motivation to keep your own children’s eyes healthy!

Sudden Onset Child Myopia: From 20/20 To -6 Diopters (in a day?!)

Sudden onset so-called child myopia.  One day your child sees just fine, the next day - hugely short sighted.  High myopia diagnosed.  No explanation, no treatment besides glasses.  This happens, and I wish every parent in this situation would find this post before saying yes to glasses. At the risk of sounding like an elderly matron turned Internet unicorn hippie: Odds that your child suddenly becomes highly myopic in some irreversible manner, pretty slim.  Odds that there's a huge bit [...]

Louise: My Son Can Read 20/25! (previously only big ‘E’)

The #1 best favorite stories here on endmyopia, when parents conquer their children's myopia. Your favorite eye guru himself being on his first procreative adventure (and with it a now 2 year old boy), I completely get how much more distressing any 'condition' or 'illness' is, when it affects your child.  If you have myopia (disclaimer: not an illness), fine that's one thing.  But your child?  That sucks on a whole new level! Which is why I love reading stories [...]

Craig: 11 Year Old Myopic Son, Clear Flashes!

You know about my reticence when it comes to commenting on child myopia. So many things happening in the young, developing eye.  It really is ideal to have a knowledgeable, non-old-timey lens seller (behavioral optometrist) to properly evaluate what's going on with the child's eye.  Much better than just reading some Internet eye guru spoutings and taking your chances with a Jake type! That, darlings, the disclaimer.  (heartfelt and not just CYA) Somethings it's straight myopia though, and there is [...]

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Another Study: Glasses Cause Rapid Myopia Progression In Children

Studies, darlings. Today we've got a very interesting one, showing very clearly that minus lenses cause children to get myopic faster - and conversely that *not* wearing glasses, while already mildly myopic, slows myopia progression. Yes, maybe you're rolling your eyes right now.  Obviously all this is obvious.  Still though, it's fun to rub studies in the establishment's clueless faces.   So let's get to it. Study, titled: "Effect of uncorrection versus full correction on myopia progression in 12-year-old children." [...]

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Optometrist Confirms: 7 Year Old Improves From -2.25 To -1.50

I'm a parent. Myopia and this whole topic of good eyesight takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to your kids.  Your tongue gets just a little sharper with old timey optometrists telling you that nothing can be done.  Your willingness to do research goes just a little further (or, a lot further). Kids.  The game changes.  We're not going to accept the smug "genetic fail" so-called diagnosis from a guy with a piece of paper degree and a for-profit [...]

Why I Get So Upset: 9 Year Old Up To -3.00 Diopters In 8 Months

Imagine your young child rapidly loosing his/her eyesight.   This is a horrible story.  If you have young children that you care about, you might not want to read this one.  Because this is all about the standard ignorance and profit seeking joke that is mainstream retail optometry.  And it sucks. Oh Jake, they say.  Calm down.  Focus on the positive. You know though, one of the things that keeps me going, spending time on this resource day in day [...]