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Put Away Your Wallet.  Improving your eyesight doesn’t have to cost a thing.  All you need is a modicum of intelligence, a bit of persistence, some curiosity, a little open-mindedness, and get ready to spend some time investigating, learning, and trying things out *(site content guide).  

On this page, some of the most recent first-hand improvement accounts from student readers, who used just the blog (not the famed and elusive BackTo20/20 program).  Read, learn, find your own inspiration.

Aniket: Optometrist Confirms 0.75 D Reduction

You know what's about to happen, just based on the post title. Preening.  Lots and lots of preening. Here's an interesting statistic that might be useful if you're wondering what's wrong with the world at large.  Ready?  50% of the world's population has an IQ below average. Yes, a bit of a joke. You could probably do some creative statistical analysis, population specific intelligence, vocation specific intelligence, and consider your own actual intelligence.  There is at least some chance that [...]

Optometrist Confirms: Rich Down To -0.5 Diopters

20/20 gains.  Science.   How-to guides.  And yet people keep asking, "but what about the optometrists, Jake".   What indeed. The short answer, plenty of them know what's going on.  There are smart individuals in a dumb field.  Or maybe just in a field that's got nothing to do with you seeing well at a distance and everything to do with heads in the sands and making lots of money selling things.  Or some third option which I couldn't tell you [...]

Irene 14 Month Progress Update: -10 D Reduced To -7 D!

Progress update time! Today we have a post from Irene in the Facebook group, sharing her fantastic reduction from a starting double digit minus correction.  These are particularly inspiring since it's really like stepping back from the cliff - high myopia creates a lot of potential serious long term vision health issues you really don't want to encounter. You don't want to ever experience lattice degeneration or retinal detachment or glaucoma.  You do want to experience how much better the [...]

Kim Jong Un: Can See Rockets Fly Farther Than Evar

Kim Jong Un's personal eye guru.  Too soon? One more maniac who wants to nuke the planet, while his people starve and he lives on caviar and French champagne.  And while China twiddles it's thumbs and keeps North Korea going and we ultimately fund the whole thing by buying our dearest precious iPhones which of course are made in China. Human irony knows no bounds.  We's all connected, Holmes. Here's the point, though: There is quite obviously no such thing as [...]

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New Glasses: Massive Eye Pain!

Have you ever left the optometrist's office with new glasses, and your eyes hurting like never before? "Oh you'll get used to it", they tell you. If you were to ask a sagely bearded eye guru, he'd probably tell you that you should go home and measure your own focal plane error and that you might have way more diopters than you need. Maybe.  Also look for diopter ratio changes, or changes to cylinder correction. This is the sort of [...]

Initial Improvement Experiences: Stephanie & Eli

As usual, we're behind in posting improvement updates. Today a few that aren't of the zillion-diopters-reversed category.  Those are awesome of course, but what can be even more tangibly inspirational is the gains you get when you first try Jakey's magical recipe. Starting out with reduced corrections can be daunting.  Less clarity.  More blur.  You put those glasses on and every time you wonder, am I nuts doing this? Eli posts in the FB group: Starting gains. This isn't the [...]

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