You know what’s about to happen, just based on the post title.

Preening.  Lots and lots of preening.

Here’s an interesting statistic that might be useful if you’re wondering what’s wrong with the world at large.  Ready?  50% of the world’s population has an IQ below average.

Yes, a bit of a joke.

You could probably do some creative statistical analysis, population specific intelligence, vocation specific intelligence, and consider your own actual intelligence.  There is at least some chance that you’re in fact smarter than the person selling you the “oh duh myopia is genetic you know” glasses.

You can tell I lied.  This isn’t preening.  Just more delicious cold sarcasm, as per the usual blog menu.

Societies need rules to manage for the lowest common denominator.  The larger the society, the overall dumber the set of rules and concepts to help keep everything running smoothly.  Or put in a more practical context: When you walk on a crowded sidewalk, you can only move as fast as the very slowest people in front of you.

But enough of that.  Here are the 20/20 gains you clicked here for:

As usual.

If you know how axial change happens in the human eye, if you understand that myopia is just a refractive state, if you have experienced improving eyesight with changes in habits and stimulus – you’re already probably feeling a bit like a human in the Planet of the Ape’s movie.


Just be nice.  People are doing the best they can, with what they’ve got.