Pedro’s Optometrist: “You Need A Full Diopter LESS”

Even the dark side has to side with us, sometimes.

Apr 28,2023 · 1 min read

Optometrist confirmed vision improvements, kittehz.

Endmyopia relies on you to go get the gains and share the gains.  Ole Jakey, just the librarian of the collective experiences.

Here’s Pedro, generously sharing his updates in our Facebook group:

So proud of Pedro.

There are many optometrist confirmed gains reports.

And I’m sure there are many more that we just don’t get to hear about.  Remember, lots of free resources.  You’re helping the next newbies to gain confidence by repaying all of our work and effort by sharing your results.

There are many more gains updates, without necessarily an optometrist’s sign-off.  I put limited stock in their opinion, since their job is selling lenses.  In some way all the more awesome though if they have to concede that your eyes need less of their subscription treatment.

Keep making those 20/20 gains!




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