Here we go.  Yet another vision improvement update.  

Add it to the impressively lengthy and girthy list of optometrist or ophthalmologist confirmed improvements.

For the dubious and take-Jakeys-word-for-it record, I manage to post maybe one of these for every few dozen or so that make it to the guru inbox, FB posts, comments, and otherwise notes from participants.  There are a ton of improvement updates, something you won’t find on most of the Internet unicorn farms selling their wishful thinking, Bates inspired vision improvement courses.

Before things get ranty though, the actual update:

There we go.

Now there are always and forever Internet marketing monkeys out there, trying to appeal to your greed and impatience, promising multiple diopters of improvement in ridiculously short periods of time.

Can you improve four diopters in a year?

You can’t.   What you can, is live in wishful thinking world.  And fall into the hands of the Internet marketing clown-monkeys betting on you wishing and paying them, and with you maybe even experiencing initial results.  In the end though all of those clown-monkeys are nothing more than Bates Method re-packers, or endmyopia concept copiers, or combinations of the two.

There very simply isn’t any known method of reliably and long-term-ly getting your eyes back on track, faster than endmyopia.  And since we are of course entirely unbiased, you can rely on this information as pure and beardly fact.

Or you know, pay the clown-monkeys Internet marketers for their special inside track, masterclass circle jerk courses and programs, and come back here later after you’re done hoping for some magical shortcut being sold by dudes with not 20 years of experience, not thousands of confirmed significant improvement reports, not large communities, forums, extensive free resources, and realistic expectations.

This today just because some guy came back complaining about how the $200 he spent on magical “science doesn’t matter, myopia is in your head” course didn’t work out for him.

Shocking, isn’t it.

Go spend some time building better habits.  Address some screen addiction.  Find fun hobbies not involving passively consuming content.  Unicorn farmer shortcuts, aren’t real.