Let’s kick off this latest round of improvement reports with some fun drama from the Facebook group.

For a bit of background, for whatever reason the last couple of days has been stirring from sleeper cell optometrists in the group.  Suddenly a flurry of activity there, recommending everything from atropine drops for myopia control (literally, poison) to ortho-k (literally, thousands of dollars for not addressing causality at all).  

And while your favorite darling eye guru attempts to be patient with the forum moderating and not just always ban everybody, this does eventually result in smiting of the various potion-sellers.

Not before Louise got a word in, though:

There we go.

And as always I want to point out, there are plenty of good, supportive optometrists.

Fortuitously, in this same morning, a comment confirming what I always try to remind people of:

Reality strikes.

Partially at least this suggests that endmyopia is spreading.  

Like ze veed, jaaaaa.

Let’s cover some gains quickly, today.

Agnes -3.75 Down To -1.50 In A Year

One from e-mails:

Solid gains.

There’s not much to be said here other than, just as expected.

Bella: -4.75 Down To -2.00

And one from the Facebook group:

LA, city of not-myopia.

Deirdre: -5.75 Down To -3.75

I’m running out of snarky commentary.

Love these e-mails.

Diana: -4.50 Down To -3.50

More e-mails:

Reductions keep coming.

Jason: -3.25 Down To -1.25

Gotta love the inbox:

One year gains.

Kaleigh: -6.50 Down To -4.00

A drop of 2.5 diopters in a single year:

How many optometrists get results like this?

Megan: -9.00 Down To -7.50

Down from almost double digits:

Nobody speaks French!

Niels: 6th Differential Reduction

A lot of improvement here:

Paid program participant, this one.

You know, your darling eye guru is literally sigh-ing, going “oh god I need to post all these improvement reports”.  

No exaggerating, it’s a chore to post these.

Because there are so many, and that’s just people who bother to write (maybe what, 1-2% of actual percipients?).  Imagine this.  The mainstream keeps saying it’s this global epidemic, everybody is going myopic, we don’t know what to do.  Meanwhile the fix exists, and it’s so simple and effective that I literally find it a chore just to post a fraction of the improvement reports that we get, every. single. day.

What a fantastic system we have, and oh how we have placed our faith in the right group to guide us with this myopia problem.

Thanks, optometry.  You’re doing such a fine job.

You didn’t think we would get through one of these without a rant, did you?

Parakh: One Diopter Reduced

Here’s a good start:

To the point.

Pedro: -4.25 Down To -3.00

Nothing crazy here, just regular reductions:

Reducing diopter dependence.

And that should do it, for this round.

Remember what modern life is.  A jungle of temptations, everybody is trying to sell you something.  And nobody is telling you, hey this isn’t great.  Sugar, carbs, screens, social media, Netflix.  You’re welcome to binge on everything, since the state is sponsored by corporations, and corporations need you to be a consumer.

Ever realize that the media refers to you literally as a consumer?

Not fellow human, not people, not individuals, not lovely darling kittehz.  CONSUMER.

With that of course comes a lot of shrugging and head shaking and ignoring of clinical science and overt biological facts from your favorite optic shop.  

You wear them glasses, and you don’t question it.  Make us some money.

Or, you know.  Accept the flickering light of the not-holy and dubiously sane eye guru into your heart, and make all teh 20/20 gaiiiiiinzzzz.

Either way.