Milan: Optometrist Confirmed Improvements

You don't snooze, you gainz.

Jake Steiner

Jul 19,2020 · 1 min read

If yee ole guru was a bit less lazy, we could have an improvement report post, every. single. day.

But alas, it’s only once in a blue moon that uncle Jake logs onto the Website.

Here’s Milan from our Facebook group, sharing his gains:

The way forward.

Obviously, endmyopia is the solution to shortsightedness.

Though are we as a species too shortsighted to realize?  Or is it maybe the downfall of this resource that it’s run by the most Internet illiterate, marketing-unsavy, media-exposure-avoiding, crankypants jungle dweller of all time?


Go forth, make some 20/20 gains.




Jake Steiner

Investor, adventure hunter. BJJ, kite surf, wing foil, paraglide. Off-grid living survivor. Also former myope.

Topic:  4 Diopters

4 Diopters

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