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Today, another podcast style episode covering some 20/20 gains.

Honestly, an ole Jakey is feeling slightly burned out on posting improvement reports.  Pretty much given up on reposting the countless e-mails and many Facebook posts.  Trying now for a format change, to maybe revitalize the guru ambitions to share all the gains people are making.  

But still.  It’s a flood of 20/20 gains, day in, day out.

Here’s Srinidhi and some great 20/20 gains:

Well.  Can’t be cranky about that one!

There’s a whole and growing library of these accounts, here.  And plenty of others who got back to 20/20 (or getting very close) over here.  And yes yes, stop bugging me, optometrist confirmed specifically reported gains, right this way, over here.  

And also.

You know how much time it takes on a daily, to catalog all of this stuffness?  Meanwhile a bunch of ungrateful d*ckholes who add nothing to anything, besides their never ending complaining:

Go blow ALL the goats, Todd.

If you ever wonder why uncle Jake seems disagreeable and cranky and eager to delete people from the Facebook group, and hit *delete all* on his inbox, and perhaps remove all categories from this site and just have every post in chronological order, without titles … well.   Picture above, and just never having it stop, ever.

Jake.  Dude.  Bro.  Just gimme the steps, mmkay?

And also why we’ll always have rants, obscure inside jokes, convolutedness, and semi-intentional challenges added to the journey.

Srinidhi, well done, and thanks for being on our little show.