Dearest darling kittehz.

It’s time for the weekly progress reports update, which is turning more into a sometimes-eventually progress reports udate.

I need to hire somebody to post these.  There’s really no way otherwise that they’re getting done on a regular enough basis.  We get so, SO many progress reports (I love them all, please do keep them coming) and I’m inundated by an endless list of pesky other tasks to do for endmyopia.

Hey Jake, why haven’t you uploaded any videos.  Hey Jake, can you make videos into podcasts.  Hey Jake, this is the media admin who works for you full time, remember me?  You’ve got a pile of podcasts on your schedule.  I need headshots.  I need bios.  I need you to be on these interviews.   You need to answer all these questions, too.  Jaaaake! 

Hey Jake, it’s your e-mail admin, go check your inbox.  If not, there’ll be 200 more messages tomorrow, and that’s after I  through the barrage for you beforehand.

Hey Jake, ….

Whatever.  Let’s finally do a 20/20 gains update, since that’s the whole entire point of endmyopia.

Ian: From -4.25 Almost To -2.50

Slow but progress:

Reducing diopter dependence.

I really do love these updates.  You’re making my day sending them over.

AJ: From -3.25 Down To -2.50

Best are reports including lots of detail, so readers here can gleam not only inspiration but also some actionable tips from your experiences.

But I’ll take the quick heads up, too:

Straight to the point.

Two diopters to go.  That’s a nice place to be.

Varun:  From -4.00 Down To -2.75

Here’s some proper starting gains:

Some quick initial gains.

Only thing I wish that somehow all this could happen face-to-face.  Typing at screens by myself in the jungle seems like missing half the fun being able to share your gains.

Next up, a nice detailed one.

Aran: -4.50 Down To -1.50

The best thing you can do is support these resources by sharing your stories:

Last diopter.

You know that after your favorite eye guru is dead, there will be some movement dedicated to the holy eye guru.  

People will conveniently forget that ‘guru’ was entirely sarcastic and a less than secret inside joke.  They’ll espouse the magnificence of the beard, twinkling holy-ishly in the waning sunlight, with the guru’s majestic stature outlining the setting sun.  Words, disembodied, wafting over the rolling hills, intoning the mystical mantras of reversing myopia.

Gotta be dead first, though.  Because gods forbid that ole Jake would get a bunch of groupies and a nice Yacht to take them out on.

Next up Maeta, who can see well enough without glasses to note Jakey’s sarcastic smirk while typing above post-mortem predictions.

Maeta: -2.00 To -1.00 Progress

Here we go:

Making gains without even thinking about it.

That’s how on point we are here.  You don’t even need to do any work, to get them gainz!

Not entirely true, but at least after the initial learning curve mostly all you need is good habits.  And in Maeta’s case the compound diopter reduction interest that accumulated while forgetting the glasses.

Next up, one from the BackT020/20 support forum.

Joaquin: 6 Months, 3 Diopters Reduced

This one may take the cake:

Bow, kittehz.  Bow!

Find me ONE optometrist who can show these kind of gains.  Just one.

That’s right.  If Jake was a vengeful god waiting for your diopter sacrifices, your rains would be plentiful, as would be your harvests.  Your enemies would wail and your friends toast your riches.  You’d have so many diopters to sacrifice, they’d write songs about you making it rain (glasses that you don’t need anymore).

What are you talking about, Jake.  Too long in that jungle, is it?

Kumutha: -2.75 Down To -1.50

Oh look, another one:

Are you bored yet?

I do mostly post these to highlight the ridiculousness of the mainstream dogma.  Just hundreds upon hundreds of improvement reports, from all ages and all walks of life.  Hey ya’ll profit munchers, notice a theme here?

Yes, your glasses are convenient little subscription product, based on an even more convenient lie (of myopia being some kind of mysterious genetic condition).

-6.25 To -4.00 Gains

Another quickie:

Over-correction.  Not magic.

I’m not posting all of these one-liners since you, darling reader will start to sigh and click away.  But just consider that there’s a lot behind this story.  Serious gains made.  

And let’s give a shout out to smart optometrists, too.

Lauren: Optometrist Likes Endmyopia, Can’t Advertise It

I like these stories a lot:

How many optometrists like this are out there?

Go dig around locally.  I love supporting local businesses and real people, over buying things from Chinese Internet companies (nothing against China, other than let’s help the local economies).

Will: -4.00 Down To -1.50

Here’s a nice last diopter progress update:

Serious reduction of diopter dependence.

I’m running out of commentary here.  Why do we all get glasses, again?

Elina: -1.75 To -0.75

Not stopping, yet:

All over world kittehz use endmyopia.

Only thing I wish is that we had all these gains reports on video.  

Point your camera at your face, record a 15 second bit, send it to me.  Humans love to see faces of other humans!

Rebecca:  -3.00 Down To -1.75

Moar gains:

Sooo close.

At what point do you say, Jake, fine.  UNCLE.  I tap out.  I get your point.  Gains are being made.  Myopia is a refractive state.  Eyes respond to stimulus.  Myopia is a big fat lie.

Just please.  Stop with the endless gains reports.

Let’s just take one more moment to look at some of the Facebook group gains.

Chrissy: -3.75 Down To -2.25

Every medium delivers the gains reports:

Even with not the best habits…

You can live your life and make gains.  Such is the greatness of your favorite darling eye guru.

Olivia: A Full Diopter Reduced, Astigmatism Eliminated

Darling members taking the time to post updates.  Bless them.

If I was a religious man ….

Please take a moment to wonder with me:  How are we not THE mainstream story?  

Sergio: Back To 20/20

Sergio’s update, well warranting a separate post of its own:

No more glasses.  Done.

I get a fair bit of crap for my weird personality and delivery.  

But let’s concede that there’s no sane way to talk about this.  Going on for years and years, while the mainstream keeps telling people that glasses are a real thing, and their genes just gave up and failed them.  “Eyes?  Nope sorry, we forgot how to make those correctly.”

Not all of mainstream, though.

Mario: Angry Optometrist (In A Good Way)

Liked this update a lot:

Ciliary muscle, you say?!

Think about this one for a moment.  How many optic shops have ANYTHING about better habits?

Even dentistry is way ahead of optometry, in that respect.

Let’s end on an inspirational note, for newbies just starting out.

Yashodhan: 30 Days, Half Diopter Reduced

Start somewhere (awesome):

Try it and see for yourself.

So many puns.

Take this as a compendium of contributions to truth.  If you aren’t a good lens sheeple, now is the time to start reducing that diopter dependence, work on getting rid of the lens subscription.  

Go make some 20/20 gains.