20/20 gains.  Science.   How-to guides.  And yet people keep asking, “but what about the optometrists, Jake”.  

What indeed.

The short answer, plenty of them know what’s going on.  There are smart individuals in a dumb field.  Or maybe just in a field that’s got nothing to do with you seeing well at a distance and everything to do with heads in the sands and making lots of money selling things.  Or some third option which I couldn’t tell you about.  Maybe they can, while explaining how myopia has exploded worldwide under their watchful care and prodigious “treatments”.

Stop it Jake, you’re thinking.  You’re not getting paid to rant.

Here’s another thing Jakey doesn’t get paid for:

Yup, yup.

Look at that.  Rich did scientifically validated things, and science followed in due course.

Novel concept.

People still ask me, “but Jake are you an eye doctor”.  Some days, usually while musing about life in the shower, I think about paying an optometry school to let me buy the books.  And take the tests and then get that piece of paper that says a guru is now also qualified to dispense pseudoscience while pretending it’s fact, and get paid handsomely for not questioning anything.

But then we already have enough money for Jakey’s favorite off-brand only vaguely stale crackers.  Also there isn’t enough money in the world to be selling minus lenses while telling people that they’re hopeless and broken.

Yes, one of those days indeed.  Nevermind old Grumpelstiltskin here, go get yourself some 20/20 gains!