We don’t really Facebook.

Mostly that’s your darling host’s fault, who just doesn’t have the attention span for juggling the social media.  All for the better anyway, considering the type of heresy that we appear to be inciting all over the world.  I’m embarrassed, frankly.

Take a look at Nakanita’s insouciantly flaunted disregard for professional advice:


Go ahead, shake your head.  There we go, people not listening to their retina specialist about further increasing a -3 diopter prescription – and then coming back and having the very same establishment confirm 20/30 with *zero* lens correction.

We can’t have that, can we.  You guys, let that be a lesson.  Wear what you’re told, don’t start second guessing what the doctors tell you about your myopia.  Otherwise you might end up with no glasses at all.  Bad, bad kittehs.