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Optometrist Confirmed Vision Improvement.   This, a sub category to the many hundreds of vision improvement reports from darling readers and students of endmyopia.  While we believe that you can make your own objective measurements at home, it is a nice bonus to get the “professional” confirmation.

Note that all reports here are posted by students and readers (e-mail and Facebook group).  We don’t independently verify results (though we do track opt-in data for BackTo20/20 students progress).   

20/30 With Bare Eyes, Optometrist Floored

We haven't done gains updates in a while, looks like.  Overdue to add to the 20/20 journey pile! First up is Keith, who has done something I often recommend - changing optometrists if your existing one doesn't share your enthusiasm or curiosity, or isn't at least willing to indulge your wish to explore alternatives to sheeple lenses for life. Surround yourself with people who enable your ambitions! Keith's post from the Facebook group: Support great optometrists! There are a variety [...]

Aniket: -6.75 Down To -4.50 (Optometrist Confirmed)

Kittehz! If you've been coming around looking for new blog updates and left wanting, please accept the humblest of all beardly apologies. Lots been going on: I've posted a few new videos on our Youtube channel, spent quite a bit of time in our new private forum, updated our privacy policy, e-mail list, and BackTo20/20 to finalize GDPR compliance, finished updating the site and BackTo20/20 to full SSL encryption, updated the site to handle Google's new mobile search stuff, and [...]

Felix: -9.00 High Myopia To 20/40 WITHOUT GLASSES

Hello darlings! Your favorite eye guru has been increasingly less completely on point of keep track of 20/20 gains updates posted by our kitteh gang.   Every time I say there are more updates than I can post here, and every month it seems like the last time I said it was much fewer in comparison to the current moment.  More and more and moar gains updates are coming in, as the site and project continue to get more participants. [...]

Louise: -1.50 Eyesight Post LASIK Regression To 20/20 (& more)

Hello darlings! After a bit of a travel hiatus and focus on building the secret Le Meow community with many upcoming extended how-to guides and videos, it's finally time to get through some 20/20 gains updates again.   Yes, the gains have been piling up as usual. Today we'll have post LASIK gains, and optometrist confirmed gains, and child myopia gains, and high myopia gains, and even optometrist commentary.   First let's look at Louise's improvements post LASIK, which is [...]

Shocking Reveal: ALL Endmyopia Facebook Members Are BOTS?!

If there's one common thread that defines endmyopia, it's the crazy-bearded, loony-eyed guru at the wheel.  A guru who more often than not appears to be largely out of his mind.   There's clearly a lot of slightly strange rhetoric happening on this site. And images, too. Marketing campaign. Your favorite guru's overall approach is dictated by the cosmic law of zero f*cks given. Does this thing make money?  Whatever (also no, not compared to an hour of trading it [...]

-2.75 Reduced To -1.50: Optometrist Says Don’t Tell Anyone!

Following the theme of the past few reports, this one straight to the point. If you're wishing for more gratuitous commentary and digressions (no Jake, you're thinking), those will hopefully be back soon.  Schedules being rather tight lately with sunshine and travel, the old guru is only managing the bare minimum of blog updates for you at the moment. Let's look at the update teased in the post title: And there we have it. You know how much your favorite [...]