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Optometrist Confirmed Vision Improvement.   This, a sub category to the many hundreds of vision improvement reports from darling readers and students of endmyopia.  While we believe that you can make your own objective measurements at home, it is a nice bonus to get the “professional” confirmation.

Note that all reports here are posted by students and readers (e-mail and Facebook group).  We don’t independently verify results (though we do track opt-in data for BackTo20/20 students progress).   

Srinidhi: Improved Eyesight Back To 20/20 | Shortsighted Podcast

Note: Also available as an episode in the Shortsighted Podcast 🎙.  To listen to it in your favorite podcast player, see our podcast page  for all available directories.   Today, another podcast style episode covering some 20/20 gains. Honestly, an ole Jakey is feeling slightly burned out on posting improvement reports.  Pretty much given up on reposting the countless e-mails and many Facebook posts.  Trying now for a format change, to maybe revitalize the guru ambitions to share all the gains [...]

🎥 Optometrist: Brainwashed In School

New day, new quality content in the vaunted halls of the endmyopia library. A bit of a treat this one, having a chat with an optometrist who's gone way, way outside of the box of being a lens-seller and upholding the old timey "it must be genetic" myopia dogma. While we don't necessarily share all the same ideas and approaches as today's guest on Le Podcast, it is nonetheless fascinating to have a talk with an open minded optometrist.  It [...]

Louise: Optometrists, GTFO 😡

Let's kick off this latest round of improvement reports with some fun drama from the Facebook group. For a bit of background, for whatever reason the last couple of days has been stirring from sleeper cell optometrists in the group.  Suddenly a flurry of activity there, recommending everything from atropine drops for myopia control (literally, poison) to ortho-k (literally, thousands of dollars for not addressing causality at all).   And while your favorite darling eye guru attempts to be patient [...]

From 20/50 To 20/20, Angry Optometrist, & More

Dearest darling kittehz. It's time for the weekly progress reports update, which is turning more into a sometimes-eventually progress reports udate. I need to hire somebody to post these.  There's really no way otherwise that they're getting done on a regular enough basis.  We get so, SO many progress reports (I love them all, please do keep them coming) and I'm inundated by an endless list of pesky other tasks to do for endmyopia. Hey Jake, why haven't you uploaded [...]

Lauren: My Optometrist Does Endmyopia

Just a quick one today, to repost one awesome e-mail for you. We've talked about endmyopia-supportive optometrists before.  That number seems to be growing, even if you'll only know about if if somebody else introduced you.  Of course no optometrist is crazy enough to advertise or promote myopia reversal and risk the devastating ire of the High Bishops and Pontiffs of Holy Retail Optometry.   Anyway, let's not ramble.  Here's Lauren: Secret handshake. Sanity exists in small pockets.  Lucky for [...]

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