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Optometrist Confirmed Vision Improvement.   This, a sub category to the many hundreds of vision improvement reports from darling readers and students of endmyopia.  While we believe that you can make your own objective measurements at home, it is a nice bonus to get the “professional” confirmation.

Note that all reports here are posted by students and readers (e-mail and Facebook group).  We don’t independently verify results (though we do track opt-in data for BackTo20/20 students progress).   

From 20/50 To 20/20, Angry Optometrist, & More

Dearest darling kittehz. It's time for the weekly progress reports update, which is turning more into a sometimes-eventually progress reports udate. I need to hire somebody to post these.  There's really no way otherwise that they're getting done on a regular enough basis.  We get so, SO many progress reports (I love them all, please do keep them coming) and I'm inundated by an endless list of pesky other tasks to do for endmyopia. Hey Jake, why haven't you uploaded [...]

Lauren: My Optometrist Does Endmyopia

Just a quick one today, to repost one awesome e-mail for you. We've talked about endmyopia-supportive optometrists before.  That number seems to be growing, even if you'll only know about if if somebody else introduced you.  Of course no optometrist is crazy enough to advertise or promote myopia reversal and risk the devastating ire of the High Bishops and Pontiffs of Holy Retail Optometry.   Anyway, let's not ramble.  Here's Lauren: Secret handshake. Sanity exists in small pockets.  Lucky for [...]

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Darling Reader Mailbag: All The 20/20 Gains

Quick recap of the past week of guru-inbox and some of our darling participant gains highlights. First up let's venture to the Le Meow forum and an update from a starting point of -0.75 to currently lens-free eyesight: Charts! That's beautiful. And here's an 'eye doctor' approved update from Clement: (don't get Outlook for Android, though) Another one to file under optometrist-confirmed gains reports. And here's another -0.75 to 20/2o report: I'm not rigging these. It's a low myopia update [...]

Endmyopia-Friendly Optometrists

Shjeeeees. They are out there, kittehs.  Optometrists who know the secret handshake.  The winkey-wink.  The cough-cough-lower-diopters requests. As of this writing, nobody who sells lenses for a living is going to tell you that you shouldn't start wearing glasses.  Or that you shouldn't wear full minus for close-up.  We're not living in some kind of post-for-profit endmyopia wisdoms future. But we are living in the present.  This site gets millions of regular visits.  Even our tiny Youtube channel has over [...]

Diana: Starting Gains Optometrist Confirmed

One of the awesome purported ideas about the endmyopia method is how quickly you can start to see tangible results. An old and dubious guru always like to say, a good way to live life might be skeptical, and also open minded.  Don't believe everything you see or read, especially with this whole Internet-caused erosion of trust in general.  Realize that there's a lot of snake oil and conspiracy theory and wishful thinking and unicorn farming out there - and [...]

Vivian: Optometrist Confirmed Myopia & Astigmatism Reduction

We're overdue for some 20/20 gains updates! First up, Vivian making progress.  This is one of those updates that doesn't fall into the category of unexpectedly massive gains, but rather the nice predictable variety.  And while your favorite guru doesn't care what the optometrist says, many readers like the additional reassurance: Conservative, most likely. You're likely to self-measure more improvement than the optometrist will confirm.  We talk about this occasionally in the blog, with things coming down to measuring environment [...]