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Diopters.  We stopped calling glasses “prescriptions” a while back, since we don’t believe a reasonable educated individual needs a so-called professional to tell them which piece of clear, curved piece of plastic to buy.  (or conversely, keep you from making your own diopter choices)

If anything, we believe that most of the mainstream will give you more diopters than you need, causing progressive myopia and all sorts of long term risky side effects.  We feel strongly about education you on the subject of testing your own refraction, of making your own diopter choices.  Glasses are far less dangerous than lots of over-the-counter drugs!  Read this section for all things related to diopters, learn about the fascinating world of bending light (to your will).    

Choosing Normalized Diopters

Today, a quick video discussing how you might find a good normalized diopter compromise.  There are quite a few videos in our YouTube channel that I haven't reposted here, it's worth subscribing there in case I miss sharing new content here. Normalized diopter talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXNfjfcbFJk Not in a very video mood, this guru. It does all boil down to personal preference and suiting your scenario and lifestyle.  The more you measure, the more you actively take part in your visual [...]

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Video: Should I Reduce My Diopters?

Arch bishop Papa Giorgio VonderCrankypants just uploaded a new video for you, discussing a very commonly posed endmyopia question. Which is, hey Jake.  Should I reduce my diopters? This question is one of those curiously self-answering ones, once you stop and think about what diopters are about, and why you'd possibly want to reduce them. Or in other words, this is rarely the actual question to ponder. More on this in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqRVo2te_BU Jovial, that's the word you're looking [...]

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Low Myopia Diopters: Do You Need Close-Up Glasses?

It's been a while since we've gotten into Q&A and diopter how-to posts. I'm working on doing more in video format since it seems that's the way we're headed with online communicating in general.  Also I like to torture you with my homeless-man face. So the question here is this: You have low myopia, in the -1.50 diopter or lower-ish range.  You may have some amount of spherical diopter ratio and maybe some astigmatism, too.  Given this scenario, do you [...]

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Do I Need A Test Lens Kit? (for vision improvement)

Here's a quick video lesson on whether you need a test lens kit. Note that this is based on many years of experience, which isn't easy to whittle down into a couple minutes of video. (Especially when you deal with the sort of majestical guru who doesn't script or plan his videos.) And as usual, don't go monkeying around with stuff unless you know what you're doing.  I get comments on videos from people who can't grasp basic math or [...]

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Lower Diopters Don’t Improve Eyesight

So here is a vaguely common and recurring problem.  With some newbies to endmyopia. They read, browse, see all kinds of talk about reduced diopters.  So they think, hey that's great.  Less diopters equals improving eyesight.  Got it.  Going to reduce my diopters. Because everything in modern life has to be a quick answer-shortcut. Only takes a couple hours of reading to fully understand vision biology and myopia causes and also plzz-give-me-da-steps-bro. Or of course it could be a Jake's [...]

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Headaches Because Of Glasses? The Fix Might Be Simple (2019 Update)

Update:  New video on Youtube, about glasses & headaches. And other update (April 2020):  Rui eliminates her headaches caused by glasses (shortsighted podcast). Headaches due to glasses is something often easily sorted out. Depending on whether you wear glasses or contact lenses, your usage habits, and when the headaches occur, you can troubleshoot the cause.  I have had what feels like countless cases where glasses were ultimately the cause of headaches and migraines. This article applies both to rehab participants [...]

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