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Diopters.  We stopped calling glasses “prescriptions” a while back, since we don’t believe a reasonable educated individual needs a so-called professional to tell them which piece of clear, curved piece of plastic to buy.  (or conversely, keep you from making your own diopter choices)

If anything, we believe that most of the mainstream will give you more diopters than you need, causing progressive myopia and all sorts of long term risky side effects.  We feel strongly about education you on the subject of testing your own refraction, of making your own diopter choices.  Glasses are far less dangerous than lots of over-the-counter drugs!  Read this section for all things related to diopters, learn about the fascinating world of bending light (to your will).    

Pro Topic: One Eye Improves Quickly, The Other Does Not (Why?)

You're working on your eyesight.  Things are going well. Except, not really.  You got one eye improving like a champ, and the other is lagging.  It's making you a little nutty, and you wish you knew what is going on.  If this is the case for you, read on! This is a scenario that comes up every so often, that warrants a bit of an entry in the freeloader blog guides section. Because of course and fortunately you have your [...]

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Matthew: Dropped Diopters Too Fast, Hit Plateau

Just can't wait to drop those diopters?  Are you smarter than the last of the living eye gurus?  Did you say hey whatever, I can hazz what I wantzz!  Drop the diopterzzz now! Good for you.  Learning things the hard way. But then again, that's common.  Even a darling eye guru started out by reducing a -5 diopter needed correction to -3 diopters and then immediately setting off (with just those glasses) on a trip to Laos.  You're in good [...]

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The Zero Diopter Reset: How To Reduce Normalized Diopters (Video)

So we already had the detailed discussion about how to reduce your normalized diopters. Of course what you were missing is having all this sagey goodness in video format.  Because what would key concepts be without bad lighting and crappy audio volumes and some nice background echo.  Since eye gurus aim to please, we do have all of this available for you. In case you wonder about audio, I honestly can't figure it out.  You ever have random things in [...]

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Guru Trick: How To Reduce Normalized (Easy & Productive!)

Jake, I hate reducing normalized!  The blur sucks!  It's like starting all over again every. single. time! I've been getting this a lot, for years, and every time I offer the same age-old eye guru trick to make the normalized transitions way more fun and easy for you.  Because of course there is a trick, once you realize that everything is about baseline and expectations, this one will make perfect sense. And because Jake is borderline retarded, it seems like [...]

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Michal: Ready To Reduce Normalized Glasses?

Today, an interesting progress update in our darling Facebook group. This one goes a long way to make the point about when to reduce your diopters.  A divine and sacrilegious eye guru has been heard saying that 3-4 months is a good time frame to reduce, and generally by just 0.25 diopters.   But that's just an average number. Rather than strictly going by numbers, you want to get to know your own eyes.  Eyes are part of the whole [...]

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PRO TOPIC: Normalized Or Differentials Indoors?

Here's a common question, about the use of corrective lenses while indoors. You have your normalized for distance vision, often emphasized for outdoor use.  And you have your differential glasses, for sustained single point focus close-up use.  This invites the question what you might do with all the in between distances? Short answer: Whenever you're not on the computer (or your otherwise primary close-up distance), use normalized. No need to adjust for every single distance, two focal planes are just [...]

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