Quite a lot has been written by a tottery old wholey sage, about measuring your eyesight.

There’s the whole glasses category to peruse and our very lovey how-to’s section.   Yes first thing all the spoiled, entitled brats will huff about how it’s just too much content.  Imagine for a second none of that content and just sitting in front of a blank page of Google Scholar.  

But let’s assume our favorite reader is in a very positive frame of mind, excited to find lots of resources.  Our Wiki even, which filters out a lot of the (otherwise very wortwhile) rants and inside jokes you find here.

You can also try our not-so-perfect search function, just type in ‘measure’.

And just for the short animated intro to it all, this video:

Why all of these short animated videos?

Really it’s just another little experiment in how to relate endmyopia core concepts to new arrivals.   For the last many endless years it’s been either text posts here, or unscripted ramble videos by yours truly.  There’s a whole playlist for just normalized and differentials, even.  

A lot to dig through, and much of it weighed down by a lack of planning and brevity.

Let’s see how far we get with these videos.  Unlike the rambles these cost real money to produce, plus the time and attention to actually write a script and do the voiceover and yet another thing on the ongoing to-do list.  If you like them let me know, furthering various ambitions to keep making them.

Most importantly, go make some 20/20 gains!