Last of the animated series I had promised to make.

Yes, this one got a bit more weird.  Or as I like to think of it, way more interesting.

We’ll still be making more animated content.  Not because we need to make things child-like and simple, because that’s definitely not something we’re going to do.  Plz-bros will continue to plz, and we will never give them the stepz in a five minute video.  

All this, just because now the animation thing is kind of fun and intriguing.  

Back to the endmyopia roots.  The roots of weirdness and random humor.  

If you’re just here for a massively credible resource, with well organized instruction and simple guides, this very hopefully may not be meeting your satisfaction.  Actual myopia reversal is still steeped in plenty of personal experiments and your own responsibility and reading and reviewing and discovery.  It’s not the sort of thing I’d personally promote as some simple fix for the masses.

Plus if you know yee ole guru, you know all the entire lacking fondness for the proverbial and actual masses.

Go forth and make some 20/20 gains.