I’ve said it, many times.

Blur > Double Vision > Clear Vision

This, in more than a few cases, is what you might experience when reducing your diopters.  

I’ve made several videos about it, too.  Look for “transient astigmatism”, the astigmatism topic in general, and various diopter reduction topics.  

But apparently, that’s not been enough.  So …

More Jake-face for you.

All non jokes aside, do plenty of reading and use the search function along your journey.  If this is your first time diving into something unorthodox and online and biohack-ey and questionable and fringe and discouraged by your favorite mainstream professional … use due caution.  Don’t just jump in go changing stuff.

Worthwhile life lesson, probably.  Yes I’m still saying you can reverse your myopia, but only if tuning your eyeballs is the sort of project you can manage to … see … through.

Also here, some of those other videos explaining the double vision funtimes:

Look at that.  Crumpleface did explain it.

And this:

Couldn’t blame anyone for not wanting to click on any of that.  Just keep the sound on, don’t look at the face.

We’re probably never going to be like your favorite keto yoga life improvement channel, chipper professionals with well lit studios and carefully scripted content.  This is always going to be dark, poorly conceived, afterthought-ed, sarcastic, unorganized.  This is about you India Jones-ing into the deep end.  Find the treasures if you will, don’t if you won’t.

Remember, ole Jakenstein has nothing to gain from your success, or failure.  Though we’d prefer you find success rather than failure, anyway.  

Cheerios.  Go make some 20/20 gains.