Things can get nerdy over in our forum, darling kittehz.

That’s one thing your favorite uncle Jakey loves most about it.  Besides there being a wide assortment of view points, characters and ideas all united by a common love for well tuned eyeballs, of course.  

Random tidbit noted from today, thinking of your vision as what you can see in terms of a volume of space around you.:

Here’s that post in the thread.

Yes, for the retail lens selling type of scoffing genetic-myopia dogma preacher, we do look at an unnervingly large volume (heh) of science.

They don’t like it when we talk science.  You must not be from around here, booooah.  

Don’t go making waves.

Tread lightly whenever you’re in of the 5000% markup lens shops.  Don’t start talking about volumes of space you can see, and how the eye is a dynamic system, and how a focal plane state isn’t an illness or otherwise irreversible genetic condition.  

Keep your head down, get the lenses you want, and get out of there in one piece.

Just kidding.  Maybe.  Go make some 20/20 gains!