‘Ello, matey, Jake here.  

Persistently and unsuccessfully as usual, talking about our darling eyeballs.  

Today’s topic, a post in our Facebook group.  This one is interesting since it goes to my point about having some kind of outdoor hobby, and the many benefits of having sporting activities in your life.

It’s in video format since that’s of course that’s what kids are into these days:


Yea, I know.  It’s not.  It’s not nearly as interesting as scrolling through social media feeds and writing angry tweets.  Which in case you have Netflix, the Social Dilemma is a great bit of insight on the massive manipulation that’s causing us to be such total addicts.  

Speaking on that tangent, my solution for the whole addict-ification, is to go old school as often as possible.  Like using old school cameras to take photos for example – and for community online chat, our old school forum whenever possible, rather than the treachery of Facebook.

Some of the online bits, amazingly useful.  Others maybe less so.

Also check this out:

Oh well.

And that is all.  Off you go now, hopefully to make some 20/20 gains.