There’s quite a bit that’s going on with natural movement and posture, once you end up wearing glasses.

It’s a pesky reality that our biology is all interconnected – and once you start messing with one bit of it, it’s quite likely that many potentially unintended other aspects also start changing.

Like your eye movement for example:

Fun, eh?

That quick fix of your shortsightedness, a cascade that ends up potentially changing “who you are” down to all the nonverbal nuance cues of your very personality.  Potentially.

All of this serving to explain how your favorite eye guru appears quite as regal and charismatic and not-at-all like a veritable cringe factory.

It’s all in the beard, you’re wisely thinking.

Which of course it is.  Eye gurus are real, the beard is interdimensional, and stories I tell about eye movement are without a doubt, massively scientific and unassailable.  

Or of course, this is actually idle musings and just maybe another tangent explore.

Either way, enjoy some distance vision time with your eyeballs today!