Words are like tiny little programs, running underlying meaning and context and feelings in our brains.   They are perhaps like a compressed version of a concept, easy to transmit from one person’s brain to another.

This, at least according to ole Jakey’s very unscientific take on language.

So when you call your glasses ‘prescriptions’, you run a whole concept of illness, medical treatment, deficiency, all the things one may associate with having to take a ‘prescription’.

But are glasses actually prescriptions?  Clear curved pieces of plastic, prescriptions?

Well yes, after millions spent in lobbying by lens manufacturers, glasses are indeed only sold by qualifying outlets in various countries.  

All that though doesn’t mean that running the concept of ‘prescriptions’ in your mind every time you think about glasses and diopters, is really all that helpful.  If instead of this, we change the notion to ‘subscriptions’, you get a whole new take on what’s on your face.

You subscribe to your eyesight.  And you can perhaps, unsubscribe.  This whole musing, in the most recent episode of the Daily Beard:

There we go.  Perhaps changing some of the language, to help us navigate better relations with our eyes.

And that’s it.  Hope you’re taking those eyes for a walk, today!