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Here’s Dodgy-Town.  A whole category on questionable myopia therapies, ideas, snake oil sales, and various shortsighted treatments that warrant a closer look (and probably some derision by a certain indisputably wise and considerate eye guru).

Whether it’s Atropine drops (poison!) being advocated by “doctors” for your kid’s eyes, or Ortho-K to temporarily flatten (and possibly permanently damage) your cornea, or using subconscious sales tricks to get you to buy glasses, this category has it all.  You’ll see it all, you’ll marvel and wonder how you may have missed out on all the ways you could be getting screwed.  Enjoy!

Ocular Dominance: Das Schweinen Hunden Ist Wrong Again?

Ocular dominance. Aka. the thing that you can spend about four seconds to look up in Google and realize is a real thing.  Also the thing that retail optometry has apparently never, ever heard of. Ocular dominance, in briefest explanatory form, means you having one eye that's "stronger" than the other.  You see farther, sharper, focus faster with your dominant eye.  Ocular dominance, you have it. Everybody does. So that begs the question, why did your first glasses then have [...]

CRISPR Gene Editing To Reverse Myopia – Breakthrough

CRISPR gene editing.  Aka. it's obvious yikes time again, darlings. If you're not familiar, CRISPR is the latest buzz-word for gene editing and all of the Internet unicorn farming nonsense that brings out every last idiot on the Interwebz.  Yay. And let's get straight into how CRISPR relates to myopia, and myopia reversal and vision improvement. First, we've got myopia.  Standard every day myopia. And as we all know, myopia is a genetic condition, as we're told reliably by retail [...]

Let’s Get Real: Myopia Is A Money Making, Big Fat Corporate LIE

In this post we'll discover how a 9 year old boy beat myopia.  First though you'll have to make it through a beardly rant-sermon, because nothing in this world is free. Darlings. Dearest of darling kittehs.  It may seem like your favorite and also only eye guru has been a little endmyopia-absent minded with the blog and endmyopia contributions, lately.  Not much ranting, not a lot of the locked-and-loaded posts, not entirely many digressions. Or maybe you're thinking, yea Jake [...]

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How To Get Free LASIK Surgery

Got an interesting e-mail from a darling reader.  Free LASIK surgery offer from his insurance company. Isn't that swell? Ask yourself this:  When's the last time an insurance company has literally contacted *you* offering to pay for things?  If there ever was a red flag too red to even joke about, this pretty much would have to be it.   "Well hello there Mr. Joe, it's your insurance company.  We want to let you know that if you want this [...]

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Eye Yoga Youtube Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Eye yoga eye exercises to improve your eyesight, right here. Om shanti, kittehs.   This post is mainly for those who may stumble across this page while searching for eye yoga exercises, hoping for some mystical Indian ritual to improve their eyesight. First of all, yoga is bullshit. Of course I don't mean that.  Stretching is great, I hate it passionately, but for sure it's something that'll benefit you.  Rituals are nice, a process is nice, and even if the [...]

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Optometrist Knows About Vision Improvement, Refuses To Talk

We occasionally make fun of optometry here.  Clueless lens sellers, etc etc.  It's easy and amusing.  But really, do you think that all of them are really all that clueless about what's actually going on?  Hardly likely if you really think about it.  Not everybody can conceivable be that dumb or blind-eyed.  Stuff naturally goes way deeper than 'everybody is ignorant'. I wasn't even going to post this story online.   We've talked about specific optometrists here in the blog [...]

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