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Here’s Dodgy-Town.  A whole category on questionable myopia therapies, ideas, snake oil sales, and various shortsighted treatments that warrant a closer look (and probably some derision by a certain indisputably wise and considerate eye guru).

Whether it’s Atropine drops (poison!) being advocated by “doctors” for your kid’s eyes, or Ortho-K to temporarily flatten (and possibly permanently damage) your cornea, or using subconscious sales tricks to get you to buy glasses, this category has it all.  You’ll see it all, you’ll marvel and wonder how you may have missed out on all the ways you could be getting screwed.  Enjoy!

Lens Subscriptions: Massive, Ridiculous Optometry Scam

All right, kittehz. Low myopia.  Or as I call it, "how optometry creates lens customers for life". We'll do our very best today to just get this out there, without it turning into yet another giant epic rant. Try, kittehz.  No actual promises. *Strong language warning.  Trigger warning.  This will be a rant. It all starts out with this post in the Facebook group: Picture a slowly seething beard. So.  Deep breath. THIS IS A FUCKING SCAM, KTTEHZ. You don't [...]

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The Atlantic: The Great American Eye-Exam Scam

Ohhhhh snap, kittehz. Yascha Mounk of The Atlantic went out and delivered one epic face-slap to the mafia operation that is retail optometry.   He titles it, The Great American Eye Exam Scam. It's juicy and it's delicious.  Yascha asks all the right questions: So why does the United States require people who want to purchase something as simple as a curved piece of plastic to get a prescription, preceded by a costly medical exam? And of course the answers [...]

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Never Let Your Optometrist Do THIS

Ahhhh crickbait. Not really, though.  I do want you to get measurements from various perspectives.  Eye charts, centimeters, real outdoor landmarks .... and yes, from an optometrist, as well. Though to be honest, I skipped optometrists for years myself, not having felt the patience for rudeness or arrogance. But there are nice ones.  A supportive optometrist, a definite asset. And then, whoever this guy is: Double, triple yikes. This isn't news, or unusual either.   In fact, this is the [...]

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Peripheral Vision Trick To Improve Eyesight

Darlings. Ole Jakey's been told that we're neglecting the blog.   Which may be true.  Also though I've been spending time posting more videos on our Tubes and keeping up with some conversations in our forum.  No excuse. So here's a bit of a nudge for one of the recent video-style rants, discussing peripheral vision and any potential for sudden and dramatic vision improvement. A bit of back story, some dude decided that taking endmyopia and Bates Method and creating [...]

Optometry Student: We Don’t Give A FUU#%$

Ok, so ... This one here might be a bit disconcerting to some among us.  The ones in particular with soft hearts and big eyes and open minds and high hopes for humanity not irradiating itself in the nearest future. For others, it'll be, meh.  We all knew this already, Jake VonJakeovitz. Either way.  Here's yet another post from yet another optometry student who tells us what goes on behind the scenes in the vaunted halls of the illustrious universities [...]

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Ocular Dominance: Das Schweinen Hunden Ist Wrong Again?

Ocular dominance. Aka. the thing that you can spend about four seconds to look up in Google and realize is a real thing.  Also the thing that retail optometry has apparently never, ever heard of. Ocular dominance, in briefest explanatory form, means you having one eye that's "stronger" than the other.  You see farther, sharper, focus faster with your dominant eye.  Ocular dominance, you have it. Everybody does. So that begs the question, why did your first glasses then have [...]