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Here’s Dodgy-Town.  A whole category on questionable myopia therapies, ideas, snake oil sales, and various shortsighted treatments that warrant a closer look (and probably some derision by a certain indisputably wise and considerate eye guru).

Whether it’s Atropine drops (poison!) being advocated by “doctors” for your kid’s eyes, or Ortho-K to temporarily flatten (and possibly permanently damage) your cornea, or using subconscious sales tricks to get you to buy glasses, this category has it all.  You’ll see it all, you’ll marvel and wonder how you may have missed out on all the ways you could be getting screwed.  Enjoy!

Optometrist Knows About Vision Improvement, Refuses To Talk

We occasionally make fun of optometry here.  Clueless lens sellers, etc etc.  It's easy and amusing.  But really, do you think that all of them are really all that clueless about what's actually going on?  Hardly likely if you really think about it.  Not everybody can conceivable be that dumb or blind-eyed.  Stuff naturally goes way deeper than 'everybody is ignorant'. I wasn't even going to post this story online.   We've talked about specific optometrists here in the blog [...]

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Optometrist: Not Going To Increase Your Prescription

Some days the Facebook group is a great place. Days when new members post stories about their myopia journey, how their diopters kept increasing, and in many cases how the mainstream may just play the key role in creating these high diopter scenarios. Even better, the scenarios where an interesting optometrist casts doubt on the whole premise of more and more (and more) diopters. Here's Alexandra: The truth is out there, kittehs. Of course as a regular reader here, you [...]

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New Glasses: Massive Eye Pain!

Have you ever left the optometrist's office with new glasses, and your eyes hurting like never before? "Oh you'll get used to it", they tell you. If you were to ask a sagely bearded eye guru, he'd probably tell you that you should go home and measure your own focal plane error and that you might have way more diopters than you need. Maybe.  Also look for diopter ratio changes, or changes to cylinder correction. This is the sort of [...]

Myopia, Glasses, Destroyed Vision: Did They Hack You?

Ever been to the zoo, see broken looking wild animals in their cages? You're thinking, nobody goes to the zoo anymore Jake.  Don't be melodramatic about some patchy old depressed looking toothless tiger in some five dimes zoo.   But that's exactly the problem.  "Bad" eyes, no teeth, same difference. Your brain isn't all that different from your phone or your laptop in interesting ways.  Your brain is running an operating system, a large set of rules that govern how [...]

Melissa (-7.00): Eyes Damaged, Uncorrectable – Said The Optometrist

Today let's look at a case of "eyes damaged in a way uncorrectable with lenses".   You'll notice a guru-trend here in the blog of things that require a measure of sarcasm, presented in quotations.  Like "eye doctor", or "Bates Method teacher".   And it's perfectly normal to attribute all the derision to some natural proclivity of an elusive eye guru to be grumpy old geezer-stein.   But then if you read enough here in the blog, look at enough [...]

LASIK Surgeon: Axial Elongation Stops At Maturity

Today let's look at a plastic surgeon who boldly goes on record with some very questionable statements about how your eye works.   We're talking basic vision biology science here, and doctor dude not necessarily making all the sense.   I don't even want to post this. But it's perhaps worth making the point again, that we're not always involved in a discussion with science-minded individuals with a lot of knowledge on the past several decades of studies and progressed [...]

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