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How To Eyesight Improve: Five Steps

You can improve your eyesight in a matter of weeks, following a few simple steps:

1.  Never Wear Your Distance Prescription While Reading.

Your distance prescription is meant to let you see clearly far away.  When you use it up-close, you create a lot of eye strain.  Since you have gotten your eyes used to this through years and years of increasing prescriptions, you don't even notice.  But this habit is the #1 cause of progressive myopia!

How to do deal with close-up focus:

If you can see your screen [...]

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Kim: Improved by 1.5 Diopters in 3 Months

Greetings, dear blog readers!  While I don't write often these days, do know that I read.  And I certainly see when you guys pick on my English accent.  

Yaaa, I know all.  Jake instigates, and you think it's funny.  😉

Meanwhile I continue to receive encouraging e-mails, it is really great to see many of your benefitting from this resource.  Here is a message from Kim, in my mailbox last week:

Hi Alex,

I started off at -6.5 L and -7.5 R in late January. I [...]

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A Mind Bending Premise: 20/20 Could Bad News For Your Eye Health

Bad news is a matter of context.  But think about this:  how many people do you know who ever got better after they went to the temple of the 20/20 worship?

The thing is, what you are being told by the optometrist, the whole story about 20/20, is a fairly gigantic fallacy when it comes to the realities of your eyesight.  

Yes, sure.  You can get glasses to let you see 20/20.  Or 20/10.  Or 20/8.  But ... is that good for you?

If you want to [...]

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Shannon’s First Week: -9.00 Lowered To -7.50

Shannon kindly took the time to post an update in the forum:

My job is that I make online courses for universities, so I love self-directed learning. I would say that so far the course has been a completely transformative learning experience for me because I didn’t know that myopia rehab was a possibility at all. It’s like being in a wheelchair, being told you’ll only get worse, and that you have no control over your condition due to genetics, and then being told you [...]

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Sara’s Progress: -5.50 to -3.25

Sara posts her latest update in the forum:

Thought I’d post a brief update as I have a sense that the end of my plateau might be around the corner.

A week and a half ago I realized that I was starving my body. I felt exhausted and could barely move. Then I started fueling myself again, and miraculously, I started feeling normal within a few days. Now I’m following more of an “intuitive eating” philosophy. I posted about it on my new blog:


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Your Favorite Vision Stimulating Activities

Steve posts in the forum:

I’ve been working on rehabilitating my vision for a bit over a year now. I’ve changed or adopted many habits since starting to try to maximize my gains. Mostly avoiding close-up activities and wearing excessive prescriptions when not needed are a given. Others include going for walks outside with little/no prescription usage to work on peripheral awareness, fusing double-vision, etc.

There is one activity in particular that I feel has really helped me though. 


While I [...]

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