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Kasper: Reversed My Low Myopia

There’s a category for whining and crying in a cantankerous old eye guru’s e-mail inbox, in particular about low myopia.

Oh Jake, I’m not making gains.  Oh Jake, this isn’t working.  Oh Jake, plzz.

Number one problem of course, that I made a category for this sort of crybaby attitude for my e-mail admin to file e-mails in.  So even if I just skim-and-delete through that folder, it’s still enough to make the imaginary guru beard bristle at the helpless little whimpers.  Like these dudes are looking for a surrogate mother to tie their shoes and put milk in their bottles.

How do we as a species even survive?  The coddling in modern times, a little out of control.

The tools are right here.  Actual worthwhile people with some self determination and brains are perfectly capable of making all the 20/20 gains:

There you go.

Kasper pretty much already said bye-bye to glasses, and myopia.  Home stretch.

What did Kasper do, that the crybabies don’t?

He faced the real problem – screen addiction.  Instead of complaining while also playing a million video games in a dark room, Kasper read the scrolls of guru wisdoms and took action.  And got the results, unsurprisingly and predictably.

Jakey made you a whole section on just low myopia.  Why would someone spend a zillion hours putting out all this free content?  So smart, capable individuals who deserve clear eyesight can actually go get it.   That does include you, most hopefully. 

The meek shall inherit the glasses.



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