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Oskar: 17 Years Old, Reverses 5 Years Of Myopia

Looks like we’ve been neglecting updates from the Temple of Gains, lately.

So let’s get to a bit of catching up.  Today we’ve got Oskar – who is about to escape the madness of double digit diopter myopia:

Lens pimps, not thrilled by this.

You know you love these progress updates.

And we’ll skip making fun of old-timey lens sellers today.  We’re going to resist starting any kind of meme theme with similarly insightful theories as the “myopia is genetic” conspiracy theory.   

We will.  Use your resolve.  Don’t fall for the temptation to be sarcastic.  

Oops.  What’s this, you say?

Oh no.

Jake, shut up, you say.   😉




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