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Ljupka: From -3.00 Down To -1.50 (In 7 Months!)

Today let’s look at another progress report, this time from the BackTo20/20 support forum.

You probably noticed that we get a lot of 20/20 gains stories from our Facebook group, as well as some that I repost from my e-mail inbox.  I like to cover as many of these as possible since any one of them may be closest to your own situation and provide you with the most relevant insights.

These reports aren’t “testimonials”.  Look at them both as inspiration, and a resource for pointers and clues to help you with your own vision improvement journey.

Here’s Ljupka:

That’s big progress, for just 7 months.

We get into the equalization topic, too.  If you have forum access click here.

One of the key advantages of the structured approach is that Ljupka will get my direct feedback and all her questions answered.  Some people (some *kinds* of people) like to complain that this particular option isn’t free – but since this requires Jake-time and can’t be put off (I check in on the forum every single day), I’m more inclined to provide that level of contribution as part of a trade (rather than one way, free-ness like everything else here is).

Hopefully though no matter whether you are doing DIY or structured approach, you too are making good progress, and enjoying the ride.

Keep me posted, drop me a line, share your 20/20 gains!



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