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Shelly: How I Reduced -4.25D To Just -1.75D

Awe Jake.  The crickbait is strong with you!

Because for the ‘how’ part you’ll have to actually dig into endmyopia and learn some biology and some optics and do some prodigious experimenting of the self.  C’est la vie, kittehz.

The inspiring bit here, 40% less myopia.  40%!

Already down so much that it’s now at a level where Shelly can almost get away without glasses for close-up (a huge milestone), and that she can definitely manage without glasses at the poor or beach.  Plus, finding glasses put down absent mindedly, which is something you definitely would struggle to do at -4.25 diopters!

Check out the progress:

Shelly does it, we post it, lots of darlings get inspired by it.

Some newbies occasionally comment on the strange nature of the writings here.

They feel confused by the imaginary (but very real) guru beard, the cunningly witty sarcasm, the affectionate addressing of unsuspecting readers as darling kittehs.

But the eye guru is irrelevant, just another old man with a very glorious beard.  Instead you need to be coming here and feel intrigued and curious and also healthily cautious and skeptical.  There’s no calming authority figure here to tell you it’s going to be ok.  This here, the temples of you-figure-it-out-for-yourself.  All you will find here is many others who have come before you and found all the 20/20 gains.  How-to guides and links to science and studies, and tools to find your own way.

And if you find what you’re looking for, be awesome and share your own progress with everyone reading here!



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