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Child Myopia.  This is one that gets Jake upset on a regular basis.  Children (in most cases) don’t need glasses!  What they need is educated parents who understand eye strain, ciliary muscle spasm, the impact of lots of close-up reading time, of staring at smart phones and computer screens.

An ounce of prevention, as they say.  Read carefully through this section for lots of tips about preventing and reversing child myopia, find parents who had success banishing their child’s myopia, get hope an motivation to keep your own children’s eyes healthy!

Darshani: Daughter from -4.25 Reduced To -1.75 D

Kittehz. Uncle Jake's desktop is completely full of student gains reports screenshots.  If I stick them in a folder again, same thing will happen as always ... I'll never remember to try to post them all. Yes all these 20/20 gains are a problem entirely unique to our holy temples of Meow.  Since we dare to consider vision biology and stimulus, we're getting these unusual results of reducing myopia.  Who'd have thought. On to the point: Well then. Here we [...]

Mildred: 9 Year Old Daughter From -3.00 To -1.50 Progress

Time to add another report to the child myopia reduction column, darlings. As usual and not to beat the dead horse too much, screens are the complete enemy of child eyeballs. What you really need for your child is to go no phones, no iPads, no close-up screens. If need be, computer screens at reasonable distance, and avoiding having screens become your child's de-facto parent / babysitter. The cause of child myopia is not introducing your child to the wonders [...]

Optometrist: “Child Myopia Could Be Temporary”

Each day small treasures wash ashore in the guru-e-mail-inbox. This is one of the major benefits of having become the main destination for myopia control conversation online - a lot of interaction, a lot of people writing in, a lot of conversation happening in our Facebook group, forum, .... and messages that end up in the inbox. The guru isn't actually wise at all, but rather just the grumbling librarian of a whole world of individual experiences. Shut up Jake, [...]

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Nayana: Twin Daughters Becoming No-Longer-Myopic!

Kittehs. It's not easy to shares these updates with you, without lapsing into giant guru rants.  In the face of overwhelming 20/20 gains reported literally every single day, you have to wonder how retail optometry the world over continues to be 100% oblivious.  Or you don't wonder at all because you took economics 101 in school. EVERYBODY GETS GLASSES.  NOW SHUT UP  - retail optometry Either way here is Nayana defying capitalist 'health care' orders and getting rid of her [...]

Child Astigmatism – ‘Cured’?

Does your child have ... *gasp*, astigmatism? Let me give you the sagely holy eye guru analysis, right through this here computer screen.  Give it just a moment for the mystical guru powers to reach through your router, through your computer, through your screen.   Wait for it. Waaaiiiit for it. NO YOUR CHILD DOESN'T HAVE ASTIGMATISM. Wow.  That was just amazing, wasn't it? Of course astigmatism exists.  It's just that astigmatism is so exceedingly rare that you're more likely [...]

Ophthalmologist Claims 3 Year Old Has 4 Diopters Of Astigmatism

Meow, kittehs. Today, a bit of a rant.  Or rather, sweeping up the pieces of a rant that exploded all over various darling screens yesterday. All of it because of some completely insane optometry meddling with child eyes. Here's the e-mail that kicked it all off: Dark clouds on the horizon, I see. All the things wrong with this, it's hard to know where to even begin. This is what I had posted in our Facebook group yesterday: 3 Year [...]

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