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Reversing Low Myopia:  Your eye is a stimulus response system.  The degree of myopia is largely irrelevant to your ability to reverse it – in other words, you can always reverse both pseudo- and lens-induced myopia.  

The devil though, is in the details.  It may seem more challenging to reverse that last (or only) diopter.  The reason for that though is largely because it’s a) a bit trickier to get the right sort of stimulus and b) it’s harder to quantify a 20% improvement (for example) when you’re just dealing with low myopia to begin with.  Read through this section for ideas, student feedback, and how-to guides for the low myope. 

Vlad: -3 Diopters To 20/15 (!) Vision

Latest Shortsighted Podcast episode, now live. It's maybe the most telling one of all of them yet.  20/15 is not that common and once you watch / listen to it, you'll know why. You'll also know how to replicate Vlad's success yourself. Endmyopia striketh again. Jakey be slow, Jakey be of ill advisable humor.  But in the end, ole Jakey always delivers the goods. A few short clips from the episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhVjlWjWGEc&list=PLgB_5pbB86Gg3_2QBn-FNsOWtluzZQp4q&index=1 Hmmm yea.  Stargazing without glasses. There's a thing [...]

Vladimir: -2.00 Diopters To 20/20

Oh boy, I can imagine the comments already. "But Jake, that was barely two diopters.  From there to 20/20 that's not even impressive, brrrrrrro." But here, anyway: There are a lot more of these, some starting with much higher diopters. If it's just regular improvement reports, people aren't happy because "bro that's not 20/20 there's no point".  If it's massive gains, people aren't happy because "bro why am I not getting four hundred million percent gains in a month, that [...]