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Reversing Low Myopia:  Your eye is a stimulus response system.  The degree of myopia is largely irrelevant to your ability to reverse it – in other words, you can always reverse both pseudo- and lens-induced myopia.  

The devil though, is in the details.  It may seem more challenging to reverse that last (or only) diopter.  The reason for that though is largely because it’s a) a bit trickier to get the right sort of stimulus and b) it’s harder to quantify a 20% improvement (for example) when you’re just dealing with low myopia to begin with.  Read through this section for ideas, student feedback, and how-to guides for the low myope. 

Isak Reverses (-0.75 D) Low Myopia | Shortsighted Podcast

Welcome back, dahhlings! Hopefully you're reading this while we're in these interesting times of the pre-impending global apocalypse (or when we could still say this before it was actually true - just kidding, hopefully). Stop it Jake, you're thinking.  I'm quarantined, my butt is itchy, and this is not the time for weaksauce jokes. Fine, no zombie apocalypse jokes. We do have a podcast now, so if you're shut in and bored, but also don't want to stare at screens [...]

🎥 Matt’s Progress: -5.00 To No Glasses | Shortsighted Podcast

Note: Also available as an episode in the Shortsighted Podcast 🎙.  To listen to it in your favorite podcast player, see our podcast page  for all available directories.   Here's another podcast style episode improvement update. We have a great chat with Matt in this one, about all the progress he's made to get his eyeballs back in tune.  All the way back from -5 diopters (same as ye ole guru, incidentally). Check it out: https://vimeo.com/384289980/8c4761e943 You can also find this [...]

Is Your Phone Killing Your Vision Improvement?

As you may know, your favorite old timey eye guru, uncle VanderJakenhausen Le Third, lives in an off-grid jungle. You know where my phone is right now? Right.  I don't either.  Somewhere in the house.  Maybe near the charger.  I do use it to tether to tenuous 3G Internet to make you these posts and videos, so it's definitely on and definitely probably somewhere.   Where it's for sure not though, is in my pocket. It's nearly never in my [...]