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Reversing Low Myopia:  Your eye is a stimulus response system.  The degree of myopia is largely irrelevant to your ability to reverse it – in other words, you can always reverse both pseudo- and lens-induced myopia.  

The devil though, is in the details.  It may seem more challenging to reverse that last (or only) diopter.  The reason for that though is largely because it’s a) a bit trickier to get the right sort of stimulus and b) it’s harder to quantify a 20% improvement (for example) when you’re just dealing with low myopia to begin with.  Read through this section for ideas, student feedback, and how-to guides for the low myope. 

William: -2.00 Reduced To No Glasses 20/20 Vision

It's time to catch up on some of the guru e-mail. Prepare for a colorful multitude of improvement reports today! First up, William: So close. Last diopter, always the tricky one.  See the low myopia section of the blog. And here's Jaqueline having made more than the average progress of a year of improving eyesight, with 1.25 plastic focal plane diopters eliminated already: Solid progress. Yes, today was (yet again) meant to finally write a quick post about the mystically revelatory [...]

Kavish’ Optometrist Report: 20/20 By Dec 2018?

The guru time clock is ticking fast, my darling kittehs. Jakey must make it to the embassy today,  and the cranky Chinese Hong Kong wizard watch maker, and the bank, and deal with stuffy suits on two conference calls, and then also look for particularly dumb ideas in a three mile long spreadsheet.  That's before the afternoon list of to do things. And the endmyopia-work-time clock says 11 minutes remaining. So that's 11 minutes to post at least one improvement [...]

Alexandra: -4.50 Down To -2.00 (In 12 Months)

People sometimes make excuses about reducing their myopia.  Oh Jake they say, whether I got -4 or -2, I still wear glasses either way.  Seems like a lot of hassle you know?  Why am I going to spend a year, two years, for really what's just glasses anyway? Darlings.  The difference between four diopters of the fake minus plastic focal planes, and two diopters of the same - is huge. Four diopters, you're not finding your glasses, without your glasses. [...]

Eva’s Progress: From -2.50 D To -1.00 D (And No Glasses)

Step into the Holy, Unholy Temples of MEOW, darling kittehs.  For some 20/20 gains. No matter whether you're arriving here with high myopia or with low myopia, it's all just refractive states.  And those refractive states are simply a matter of stimulus (and strain).  You can see what you want to see.  You can see what you habitually see.  If all you see is screens, eventually all you *will* see is screens. Om shanti shanti, kittehs.   Or if we [...]

Q&A: Sniper Stare, Medium Distance Focal Plane, & More

Q&A for those with low myopia and advanced level endmyopia students. There's a brilliant thread in the support forum right now (many brilliant threads, but this one really gets me). If you're in BackTo20/20, or even if you're going DIY with just the blog, you might love this one, too.  Todd has been keeping his progress all in one thread, reducing astigmatism, working on equalizing, and running through an interesting scenario of travel and home-habits time.   He's right at [...]

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Glasses-Free By Summer

As usual, we're way behind on posting improvement reports.   There are quite a few I didn't manage to put here from the Facebook group, assorted e-mails, we're really getting a lot of visit to the city of (20/20) Gainesville these days.  Here's Ian's progress, and an excellent summer goal:  Doable, this one. I bet Ian will indeed be spending quite a bit of his outdoor time without glasses, by summer.   It might not be unquestionable 20/20 yet in [...]

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