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Reversing Low Myopia:  Your eye is a stimulus response system.  The degree of myopia is largely irrelevant to your ability to reverse it – in other words, you can always reverse both pseudo- and lens-induced myopia.  

The devil though, is in the details.  It may seem more challenging to reverse that last (or only) diopter.  The reason for that though is largely because it’s a) a bit trickier to get the right sort of stimulus and b) it’s harder to quantify a 20% improvement (for example) when you’re just dealing with low myopia to begin with.  Read through this section for ideas, student feedback, and how-to guides for the low myope. 

Joonas: From -2.00 D To 20/15 Without Glasses

No rants today, darlings. No rants, and no rambles.  Just a quick update that I couldn't possibly pass on posting right now for you.  Low myopia back to 20/20 is a tricky one.  Though if you follow the correct approach, you will absolutely get there.   In fact, many participants experience a very similar progression. Here's Joonas progress, in his own words: This is how it's done. A big thanks to Joonas for paying it forward, sharing his improvement report [...]

Low Myopia Diopters: Do You Need Close-Up Glasses?

It's been a while since we've gotten into Q&A and diopter how-to posts. I'm working on doing more in video format since it seems that's the way we're headed with online communicating in general.  Also I like to torture you with my homeless-man face. So the question here is this: You have low myopia, in the -1.50 diopter or lower-ish range.  You may have some amount of spherical diopter ratio and maybe some astigmatism, too.  Given this scenario, do you [...]

Darling Reader Mailbag: All The 20/20 Gains

Quick recap of the past week of guru-inbox and some of our darling participant gains highlights. First up let's venture to the Le Meow forum and an update from a starting point of -0.75 to currently lens-free eyesight: Charts! That's beautiful. And here's an 'eye doctor' approved update from Clement: (don't get Outlook for Android, though) Another one to file under optometrist-confirmed gains reports. And here's another -0.75 to 20/2o report: I'm not rigging these. It's a low myopia update [...]

THEY SAY I NEED GLASSES?! (what to do next)

So you just went to the optometrist for the first time. And what?!  They told you that you need glasses.   And you hopped online.  And fired up the old Googles.  And searched for wtf that all is about.  And stumbled upon this holy grail of all teh sagely wisdoms.   Good on you. Now as punishment, you'll have to watch in video format what all that talk of you about to be some four eyed nerdface, is really about: [...]

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Low Myopia, Close-Up Glasses: A Plus Lens Use Case?

Today, a quick video on low-myopia differential glasses (plus lens) scenario. Note that while this covers the general, common scenario, we're talking about biology here.  Biology which varies from one person to the next, and there are countless exceptions, tweaks, and considerations.  Watch this as a starting point, and one piece of the puzzle (rather than an absolute answer for everything). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyyN8ed3JN4 A bit of a pro topic. Some of these videos are only available from the Pro Topics playlist. [...]

Usman: 20/20 Vision With No Glasses

It takes time to get all the way back to 20/20. Also, you little sloppy dirty hippy heathens, the blog image is very clearly not photoshopped.  Sergeant Warbeard Jake WILL NOT TOLERATE BACKTALK FROM YOU MEOW-SERS!  SIR YES SIR! Oh shut it Jake, you're thinking. Either way.  20/20 done the right way takes time.  More time than having your corneas butchered by lasers, more time than popping in some contact lenses.  Though less time than doing eye exercises (for which [...]