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General Vision Health Topics.  Mostly we talk about myopia here, which we don’t consider to be an illness.  While on that subject we do often end up crossing over into related issues that you may encounter, while working to reduce your myopia.

Everything from dry eyes, to the dangers of certain antibiotics, to risks of retinal detachment and glaucoma and lattice degeneration, you’ll find all the vision health related topics in this category.

Neck Vs. Eye Movement: Impact Of Glasses

We've been expanding lately, from just talking about myopia causes and ways to deal with the problem - to why you should actually bother with any of this in the first place. Because for most people, the problem with glasses isn't apparent. No big deal, walking around life and the world with some plastic strapped to the front of your face.  Surely, that won't have cascading effects all over, as your body probably won't even notice this change in physiology. [...]

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Eye Exercises For Myopia – MUST READ Before Trying!

Eye exercises for myopia are the single most searched term on Google when searching for improving eyesight methods. Eye exercises.  For myopia.  It's a good hunch. Now first, for some context.  I myself used to have -5.00 diopter myopia, over -1.00 diopters of astigmatism, and was basically blind as a bat without glasses.  Blind, darlings.  Today writing this I have exactly zero diopters of anything, no myopia, no astigmatism, no nothing.  The entirety of retail optometry can go blow a [...]

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Drone Flying For Vision Improvement

Notice: This post is at least 60% an excuse to buy toys.  If your wallet is already huffing and puffing this next story might be the one to skip reading. Good news.  Finally a post not about another 20/20 gains progress report.   Seriously, you are so spoiled.  We are so spoiled.  Even I literally sometimes groan, looking at the folder of vision improvement reports.  I love them, they're amazing, they're 95% of what keeps me going creating these free [...]

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Myopia, Glasses, Destroyed Vision: Did They Hack You?

Ever been to the zoo, see broken looking wild animals in their cages? You're thinking, nobody goes to the zoo anymore Jake.  Don't be melodramatic about some patchy old depressed looking toothless tiger in some five dimes zoo.   But that's exactly the problem.  "Bad" eyes, no teeth, same difference. Your brain isn't all that different from your phone or your laptop in interesting ways.  Your brain is running an operating system, a large set of rules that govern how [...]

Is Myopia Genetic? (Video)

"Sorry, dahhhling.  Your myopia, it's genetic." Here's the bottom line, before we fully get into this topic.  If a 'doctor' says those words to you, then he or she is an idiot. You're thinking, Jake.  That's a bit harsh. But it's true.  For you or me not to know how genetics work is excusable.  And actually if you consider a doctor to be an individual who collects information from you about a series of symptoms and then sells you some [...]

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How Much Does Vision Therapy Really Cost?

Let's start this all off with, eye guru. Going to see an eye guru is like trekking up the faraway mountain to the old, wizened Kung Fu guy, with his wispy Kung Fu guy beard and all his old timey pottery and his Bonzai tree garden.  Clearly this isn't a doctor's office. Medical disclaimer: Jake is no Kung Fu master. All that said, most people have no idea that there such as thing as vision therapy, mainstream and degrees and all.  There [...]

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