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General Vision Health Topics.  Mostly we talk about myopia here, which we don’t consider to be an illness.  While on that subject we do often end up crossing over into related issues that you may encounter, while working to reduce your myopia.

Everything from dry eyes, to the dangers of certain antibiotics, to risks of retinal detachment and glaucoma and lattice degeneration, you’ll find all the vision health related topics in this category.

Overnight High Myopia Shock: 5 Year Old Goes From 20/20 To -5.00D!

Imagine, you have a young boy.  Everything is all fine and great, boys will be boys.  Until one day, that is.  One day which is today when he comes running up to you and says, all scared sounding and confused:  Daddy, I can't see!   Yikes!  You're freaking out, naturally.  Freaking out and taking the little one to the optometrist as fast as you can.   And this is where it all starts. Sit back and grab your favorite pipe [...]

Ask Your Optometrist Just This One Question

Optometrists.  Oh, boy. Optometrists are like the many mushrooms you might find in the forest.  There are great, tasty, go-ahead-n-eat-em mushrooms.  Also and conversely, there are holy-crap-should-not-have-eaten-this mushrooms.  All of them, tasty or poison, called mushrooms.  And many of them, look curiously similar to the untrained eye. Untrained eye, indeed.   There are great optometrists out there, much like good mushrooms.  And there are what may be possibly the other kind, like whoever this guy is that Boneco found out about: That seems [...]

Even Mild Myopia Linked to Poor Quality of Life

Written By Despina Contributing Optometrist People with milder cases of visual impairment, such as low degrees of myopia, still suffer significant, negative impacts on their quality of life, new research in the UK finds. Myopia is the most frequent cause of distance impairment in the world and is creating an alarming global epidemic which affects the quality of life and economic health of individuals and nations as a whole. In addition to being immediately disadvantageous, myopia increases the risk of [...]

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Not All Optometry Business Is Created Equal: How To Choose Wisely

Written By Despina Contributing Optometrist I have been reading Steve's post in the forum entitled 'The Dark Side of the Vision Industry',  and it brought back memories of the good old days in the optics business. The family-run business, providing a professional service to loyal patients that came back year after year, the child patients that grew into adult patients, and the ones that came in just for a chat. Sometimes they needed new prescriptions, sometimes they didn't. Perhaps we [...]

Those Tough Days

Written By Despina Contributing Optometrist No, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. I'm still here, focusing away, at all times of day, wherever I happen to be, looking like a total wierdo to anyone who may notice. And it's a good job I am still here. Someone has to keep Jake in check. As you may have noticed, he is ranting quite a lot these days, his rants directed at non other than the poor old optometrists [...]

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Ophthalmology Science: “Glasses Cause Myopia.”

Let's do this again, kittehs.  For the sake of repetition. Glasses. Cause. Myopia.  Glasses. Cause. Myopia.  Glasses ... That much isn't a debate.  Yes, you could argue that Jake is nuts, you could argue that having too much time and money turned Jakey into a raving lunatic, you could argue that proclaiming yourself an eye guru is a clear sign of mental instability. Jake = Totally unstable, mentally. But that part only concerns how we address stopping and reversing myopia.  That part yes, [...]