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General Vision Health Topics.  Mostly we talk about myopia here, which we don’t consider to be an illness.  While on that subject we do often end up crossing over into related issues that you may encounter, while working to reduce your myopia.

Everything from dry eyes, to the dangers of certain antibiotics, to risks of retinal detachment and glaucoma and lattice degeneration, you’ll find all the vision health related topics in this category.

Dina: How Astigmatism Fix Cured A Lifetime Of Headaches

Do you get a lot of headaches?  Do your glasses (contact lenses) include astigmatism correction?  Then you, kitteh, may have astigmatism headaches - and must read this post.  😉 The endmyopia Facebook group has only two rules. One of them, the more important one, is:  Don't give diopter specific advice.  In other words, don't comment "hey I think you should try a -4.50, that sounds about right".  Why this no-diopter-advice rule?  Well, liability potential for one.  But also because in [...]

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Normal Tension Glaucoma: ‘Normal’ Isn’t Always Normal

Written By Despina Contributing Optometrist I promise this is the last time I talk about glaucoma (unless there's some amazing discovery). The important thing is to catch it in time, use the eye-drops and check it regularly. My glaucoma, I'm happy to report, is under control. But before we forget about this topic completely, I need to tell you one more really important thing that you may not be aware of. In case you are thinking that normal eye pressures [...]

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Netflix Is Killing My Distance Vision

Netflix.  Jake is going blind.  Netflix, what did you do?! If your eyesight sucks and isn't getting better, I may just have stumbled into your problem. Terrifying Netflix.  Seriously, I'm almost squinting at the screen right now, typing you this last plaintive warning, from the edge of the grave of my wrung out eyeballs. This should really be a quick video edit.  I can't properly emphasize the gravity of this latest discovery, with just words on a page.  (but then [...]

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Glasses Making You Depressed?

Every so often we talk about glasses and depression, here in the blog.  (Some of the previous articles, 1) anxiety, depression, weight gain, 2) headaches, depression, overprescriptions) I like sticking to natural myopia control and not stray off the path too far, too long.  It's easy to get lost in what-ifs and possible related symptoms, and going to blame glasses for everything, or improving eyesight as 'cure' for lots of other ailments.  That's a red flag when any one particular thing is [...]

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Two Very Different Optometrists (And A Child’s Eyesight In The Balance)

Do you care about your child's eyesight?   Do you think that all optometrists are going to give you good advice?  Do you worry that by looking at the size and retail location of their 'practice', there could potentially be a profit motive, a conflict of interest (of money over vision science) even? Before we go there, let's cover some important facts: First, your darling eye guru is some weirdo you found on the Internet.  Don't go trust anybody you [...]

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Appointment Day

Written By Despina Contributing Optometrist Ophthalmologist appointment day today. I have come to dread these 6-monthly appointments (and all doctors appointments for that matter) to check on my glaucoma. This is the day my intra-ocular pressures are measured, and my optic nerve fibres are checked for further damage. Even miniscule changes, which are not yet noticeable to me, are terrifying. Sometimes I think it would be better not to understand the biology, what's going on at cellular level. On the other hand, [...]

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