Myopia, Glasses, Destroyed Vision: Did They Hack You?

Ever been to the zoo, see broken looking wild animals in their cages? You’re thinking, nobody goes to the zoo anymore Jake.  Don’t be melodramatic about some patchy old depressed looking toothless tiger in some […]

Jul 27,2017 · 4 min read

Ever been to the zoo, see broken looking wild animals in their cages?

You’re thinking, nobody goes to the zoo anymore Jake.  Don’t be melodramatic about some patchy old depressed looking toothless tiger in some five dimes zoo.  

But that’s exactly the problem.  “Bad” eyes, no teeth, same difference.

Your brain isn’t all that different from your phone or your laptop in interesting ways.  Your brain is running an operating system, a large set of rules that govern how you perceive reality and the actions you take.  When you were a little kid your brain was getting programmed based on what you saw your parents do, what you observed in school and on TV and everything around you.  A lot of “you”-ness is a product of your environment.

Without getting all textbook boring philosophy here:  What does all this mean when it comes to some authority figure telling you that you’re genetically defective, and that you can’t see the world without their help?

You Believe That You Need Them

Just think about it for a minute, how you ended up with glasses and what you believe.

You were young, impressionable, trusting, and somebody you trusted took you to the optic shop.  Somebody who you were told knows what’s up told you that you’re just not quite right.  Here little Johnny, you’re going to have to wear these forever, so what if all the other kids, normal and strong and healthy will call you four-eyes forever.  Suck it up, put these on.

Think about it.  Remove the Jake dramatizations, and just consider the programming taking place at the optometrist.

And this is the real issue here.  I can teach you how to reverse your myopia all day long, that part is obviously easy.  But I can’t un-program your brain from believing that somehow you’re not worthy of seeing clearly, of the outer layer that outputs as “oh I don’t even mind these glasses, really”.

Only you can do that part.

Consider it.  You’re never free without full control over your physical and mental facilities.  As long as you’re compromised in some way, as long as you depend on ‘them’ to have functioning senses, you’re remain compromised.

You’re hacked.

And They Get Your Kids, Too.

Here’s what got this whole rant started:

Hacked, all of them.

If you believe that glasses are no big deal, what else can they make you believe?  Not to get all conspiracy theory here, just thinking sanely and logically, how f**ked up really is it that people are wandering around with plastic lenses stuck to their face where in all reality they don’t need them?  A thing they need but only because some establishment ‘treated’ them into that dependency on artificial focal planes?

And no, your darling eye guru isn’t into 9/11 conspiracies or chemtrails.  And yes, it’s a slippery road, questioning things.  It’s easy to get over-questioning and go off the deep end.

All that said, you still are hacked.  You’ve been trained (possibly from a young age) to submit to some dude in a labcoat, putting you in a chair, telling you that you’re less than others and that you need him to make do in the world.  That’s some sci-fi sh*t if you take a big enough step back and look at the whole picture logically, without bias.  Millions of people walking around like zombie sheep, lenses in front of their eyes, staring at little glowing screens on the bus, in the subway, on their couch.

Just think about it.  There are hundreds and hundreds of people here, posting detailed reports of reducing their dependence on those curiously ‘prescribed’ artificial diopters.  Hundreds more in the Faceook group.  Thousands, once you add it all up.  And the clinical science, clearly showing how lenses create myopia.

And you can show this to anyone.  And most of them will say, oh well so what.  I’m fine.  Glasses don’t bother me.  Here, I even give them to my kids!

How creepy, brainwashed, zombie people is all that if you really think about it?

Or perhaps it’s all perfectly normal.  




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