Pineapple Enzymes: A Natural Cure For Eye Floaters?

For everyone who is always and forever asking me about cures for eye floaters, this post is for yee.

Oct 02,2020 · 2 min read

People ask me about natural cures for eye floaters, a lot.

And of course my response is, 🤷‍♂️.  This destination is obscurely but accurately named end-myopia, because that what we do.   Understandable though of course, how people may hope that this also-eyeball topic may be something with a good answer.

Thing is, we’re not doctors, so we’re not advocating for cures (myopia, not an illness).  Whether or not there is an actual cure – natural or otherwise – for eye floaters, remains uncertain.

However I will share this post from our Le Meow forum which at least points in some directions for possible explorations for treating floaters:

We’ve had discussion before about the pineapple study:

we analyzed the change in SVOs … after three months

The disappeared rates of SVOs by treatment with fruit enzymes was 65.5%, 70.0% and 75.5% and for those taking one, two and three capsules daily as therapy, respectively. Hence, the results showed that the effects of treating SVOs in a dose-dependent manner; the higher the dose, the greater the SVO reduction.

The whole thread on this topic is here.

Consider the pointers pointed, without any manner of endorsement or opinion on yee ole guru’s part.  

Whether or not you can “cure” or otherwise get rid of your floaters which may have various causes, is likely going to require more of your own research.  In case you have very high myopia and floaters, or a recent dramatic increase in floaters, as always it may be wise to take a trip to your local friendly ophthalmologist (not just an lens-vendoring optometrist ideally) for a checkup.

Otherwise and generally speaking, nothing we advocate here in terms of strain reduction, a bit of focus challenge, and better habits, should cause you to have more floaters.

That’s all I’ve got for you.  Go make some 20/20 gains.




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