Lockdown: Eyesight Getting Worse

Don't lock down thems eyeballs!

Feb 06,2021 · 1 min read

They say lockdowns aren’t good for your darling eyeballs.

And since ya’ll ask Vander Van Von StylishBeardhousen about this a lot, lately … yes, sitting inside your house and staring at screens all day, not so completely super great for your eyes.

But Jake, bro.  What do I do about it?

Watch more videos of course!  Like this one of me telling you for three minutes, to go do other things:

Well, now.  Isn’t that amazing insights?

Easier said than done, granted.  I too suffer from wanting to grab my phone and scroll through stuff.  Go read some addiction treatment advice, and then find more tempting things to do than that tiny little evil glowing screen.


Jakey-roo VonderBeardenstein, Le Third


Investor, adventure hunter. BJJ, kite surf, wing foil, paraglide. Off-grid living survivor. Also former myope.

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