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Explore All The 20/20 Gains.   Browse detailed student reports, hundreds of them, going back years and years in the history of @endmyopia participants.  These reports are taken directly from the BackTo20/20 support forum, from e-mails to us, and from our Facebook group.

In many cases you may be able to find the student, be it in the support forum or our Facebook group.  A lot of the reports include ideas, strategies, personal challenges, and other insights that may help you on your own vision improvement journey.  Enjoy!

Jordan: Drivers License Lens Restriction Removed!

Quick one today, two for one improvement reports. First Jordan, who despite having fallen off the 20/20 gains wagon for a bit, has managed some significant milestones: On a positive note. If the state says you don't need glasses to drive, then you pretty well don't need glasses. That's one of the ultimate goals for your 20/20 gains! And to help reduce the backlog of improvement reports waiting to be posted, let's also give a thumbs up to Sean who [...]

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Rochelle: Optometrist Confirms 1 Diopter Gains! (*just a giant rant)

The post image gives this story away a bit, but let's still bask in its glory for a moment. Key part of the experience here, supportive optometrist.  Skeptical is good, supportive is great, acknowledging reality is ideal.  I recently started saving the optometrist confirmed reports into its own category, just to highlight to the industry that not everyone in it has to be an unquestioning little robot parrot. If you are an optometrist you indeed can (and perhaps should) question [...]

William: -2.00 Reduced To No Glasses 20/20 Vision

It's time to catch up on some of the guru e-mail. Prepare for a colorful multitude of improvement reports today! First up, William: So close. Last diopter, always the tricky one.  See the low myopia section of the blog. And here's Jaqueline having made more than the average progress of a year of improving eyesight, with 1.25 plastic focal plane diopters eliminated already: Solid progress. Yes, today was (yet again) meant to finally write a quick post about the mystically revelatory [...]

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Wayne, Joseph, Paul: Sharing Progress Updates

Today, let's look at a few improvement reports, status updates, thoughts and musings. First up, Joseph: Sure, "eyes wanted more diopters". Caveat emptor, with the lens sellers. All Joseph needs now to keep making the 20/20 gains is to work on a good outdoor habit.  Walks with active focus, or some hobby involving using distance vision.  Pretty simple from there to keep reducing the plastic lens focal planes. Next up, a post from Wayne in the BackTo20/20 support forum: I'm [...]

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Amanda’s Daughter: 20/63 Improved To 20/40 (In One Month!)

Child myopia?  It's not a thing! There's literally no good reason to let your children become profit centers for mainstream optometry.   Literally none, unless you don't feel like doing the annoying you-know-what thing - actual parenting. And as a darling eye guru is discovering having a 2 year old now, actual parenting indeed is a giant pain. Having a large extended family and lots of frequent visitors, some days it feels that all I do is swat away phone [...]

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Kavish’ Optometrist Report: 20/20 By Dec 2018?

The guru time clock is ticking fast, my darling kittehs. Jakey must make it to the embassy today,  and the cranky Chinese Hong Kong wizard watch maker, and the bank, and deal with stuffy suits on two conference calls, and then also look for particularly dumb ideas in a three mile long spreadsheet.  That's before the afternoon list of to do things. And the endmyopia-work-time clock says 11 minutes remaining. So that's 11 minutes to post at least one improvement [...]