Put Away Your Wallet.  Improving your eyesight doesn’t have to cost a thing.  All you need is a modicum of intelligence, a bit of persistence, some curiosity, a little open-mindedness, and get ready to spend some time investigating, learning, and trying things out.  

On this page, some of the most recent first-hand improvement accounts from student readers, who used just the blog (not the famed and elusive BackTo20/20 program).  Read, learn, find your own inspiration.

Melissa: 20/30 To 20/13 In A Few Months … Woohoo!

Melissa posts over in our darling Facebook group: Nice work, Melissa. Knowledge is power, dear kittehs. If you don't want to be an invalid for life, addled with glasses today, decimated by glaucoma, lattice degeneration, and retinal detachment later, then you need the knowledges about the myopia truths.  Pay now or pay later ... up to you, like they say in these parts.   It'll be much more expensive later. Today it's just a visit to your favorite darling eye [...]

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Wendy: -6.00 Reduced To -4.50 In 14 Months (30% Improvement!)

Wendy improved her eyesight significantly, over the past year.   In the process, she figured out several tricks to save money on all the lens changes, and when to make the next reductions.  Get her  first hand account, from our FB group, in this post. You know I'm phoning it in a little, when you see these post titles. It's probably the easiest and most fun articles to post here.  Improvement reports.  Also fascinating to me is how communication with you [...]

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Chris: Drivers License Glasses Condition – Removed!

There are a lot of ways to quantify your guru-riffic progress with myopia reduction. One of them, getting the "corrective lenses required" bit removed from your driver's license.  Bye-bye state recognized driving handicap and required crutches.  Trust your original, real eyeballs again, good to go, even according to the powers in charge. You don't think of this necessarily, when you're used to decades of wearing glasses.  You don't have any idea how liberating it is to walk out of that [...]

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Marie: Eliminated -2.50 Diopters Of Astigmatism

File this one under "just with the free guides".   This is a great story (and potential motivation).  Starting at -3.50 and -2.50 astigmatism correction (yikes, the latter part), Marie makes it all the way down to just -1.75/-2.25 spherical.  Best part, zero cylinder (astigmatism) is left, from the initial -2.50.  That's a truly huge improvement, from high astigmatism to zero astigmatism. Here is Marie's e-mail:   That's how you go to heaven - sending Jake e-mail progress updates. And [...]

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Cheryl: -3.00 Down To -1.75

I get a fair bit of e-mail from readers who try various vision improvement methods prior to finding endmyopia. Sometimes they start with promising results, but rarely lasting ones. Most of those programs have some "breakthrough" premise (tempting!), a well packaged theme perhaps, sometimes using recognizable names (the "Bates Method" and others), or some person with supposedly fancy credentials and camera-ready poses, promising you the moon.   None of that here.  All I've got for you is building good habits around strain [...]

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Ian: “I Was Skeptical, But Wow!” (From 23 to 41 cm In 3 Weeks)

Your darling friend Jakey is the world's biggest skeptic. Getting ever so slightly older now, I'm realizing that while there are many benefits to this attitude, I likely missed out on various interesting experiences as well.  Sometimes people use language different than what you are used to, and that's all it might take for you to shake your head and dismiss new ideas.  New perspective is a tricky thing to appreciate.   Anyway.  Ian.  20/20 gains, that's today's topic.   Let's [...]

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