Time to catch up on awesome stories from endmyopia students.

Here’s Debi, posting in our Facebook group:

Part of getting old, that’s seriously what the professionally trained, licensed optometrist tells you?  

People always tell me not to attack the establishment, and to just focus on what’s possible with natural myopia control.  It’s a little hard though when you read these so-called professional assessments, to not add a little gratuitous commentary on how various professional titles really don’t prevent people from being idiots.

See?  But perhaps it was Jake’s laptop autocorrect.  I type “slightly under-informed” and the autocorrect changes it to “idiots”.  English not being my native language, it’s probably best not to argue.

If you’re ready to read and take on a project, everything you need is here to help yourself.

This also in contrast to an e-mail I just finished reading, from a snooty self identified “grad student scientist”.  She finds herself skeptical of endmyopia due to lack of peer reviewed research (heh, wonder why!), even though the questioning of our legitimacy doesn’t prevent her from requesting free advice nonetheless.  The sheer levels of self absorbed entitlement, combined with obliviousness of even basic social graces, it boggles the wee mind.  I observe much of this sort of thing from a certain contingent of society, too (starting with the grad student).  Somehow, quite mysteriously, we end up with an establishment that understands preciously little about healthy eyesight and yet blusters at the slightest notion that they might not know everything.

Ah well.  Looks like Debi’s otherwise inspiring post turned into a bit of a a Jake-rant.


-Jake VanRantensteen